America’s fascination with warrior culture and veterans

Americans are a war-like people. Americans have been continuously at war almost every single year since the founding of the country. In fact, there have only been 15 years of peace in the last 246 years since the country was founded. And, at least in the last century or so, every single war the United States government Read more [...]

Wakanda Forever’s racism

I recently watched Wakanda Forever, because I generally enjoy watching Marvel's superhero movies, although they've been plagued by a decline in quality over the last few years as they increasingly pander to the woke communist crowd. I was shocked to see the blatant, overt racism espoused by some of the characters on Read more [...]

The onslaught against identity

The hardest people to subjugate are tight-knit clans and tribes. People who know each other well, have a lot in common, and, ideally, share a geographical area. The celts successfully held back the might of the Roman Empire, not because they were better organized, or had better technology. They held them back because they Read more [...]