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The world divides politically into those who want people to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.


Stop treating the far-left as though they were well intentioned

I think it's really important to recognize that a lot of what you see the so-called "far left" doing is a front for their real intentions. They may seem like they want to fight Nazis or racism, so they call themselves "anti-fascists" and have slogans saying "no racism", but this is a cover. After all, their tactics are Read more [...]


Why are SJWs in the West?

This is a serious question: why are you here? Virtually every civil rights campaign has been won. Blacks, muslims, gays, and women all have equal rights. They can all exist, get jobs, own property, and vote in Western countries. Meanwhile, homosexuality is illegal in 11 countries and countries like Iran execute homosexuals. Segregation Read more [...]


The next frontier in civil rights is not trans people

Liberals are always looking for their next moral crusade. Once black people, women, and homosexuals were recognized as having equal rights, they ran out of causes until they found trans people. And just for good measure, some of them also pretend like racism and sexism are still an issue in the West (actually, it sort of Read more [...]


Voting should be restricted to people who have skin in the game

Disclaimer: I'm a voluntaryist and I consider voting to be morally wrong. However, for the sake of playing devil's advocate, I wanted to write up an article on who should be allowed to vote. And no, it's not everyone. Here are 5 requirements someone must meet in order to be able to vote, and 1 rule that would bar them Read more [...]


What’s up with all the anti-semitism?

Following what looks like a false flag chemical attack in Syria, I just watched a brilliant video by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson in which he argues that a war in Syria would be a terrible mistake. Of course, I agree with that assessment, and moreover I'm surprised to see Fox News broadcasting an anti-war message. Read more [...]