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The world divides politically into those who want people to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.


Do the concepts of import and export make economic sense?

While balance of payments deficits are an important part of what economists study, and the statistics statisticians keep, does the notion of a balance of payments, or even of imports and exports, make economic sense? In order to calculate a balance of payments, one must essentially take some arbitrary line in the sand Read more [...]


Why aren’t more libertarians using Bitcoin?

Why the Austrian opposition to Bitcoin? Value is subjective. The subjective theory of value is one of the basic discoveries of Austrian Economics. Every human being has their own value scale, and this enables voluntary, mutually consensual transactions to be win-win for every party involved. When two goods are voluntarily Read more [...]


The Sinister Roots of Socialism

Almost every manner of government intervention or policy has an official justification. This ideological cover serves to to pacify the population and defend what would otherwise be considered outright predation by the ruling class. Once an ideological cover is formulated, it is spread in every possible manner - the mainstream Read more [...]


What is Spontaneous Order?

One of the most powerful arguments against coercive government (and the will to control other people's behavior in general) is spontaneous order. But what is spontaneous order? To understand the concept, I have found the ice rink analogy to be excellent. Imagine you are on an ice rink with just one other person. Read more [...]


Private Health Insurance is Cheaper than the NHS

With a few quick calculations that you can repeat (or alter) yourself, I will show you the inefficiency of government welfare. You will soon see that private health insurance, which is generally of a higher standard, actually works out to be cheaper than the NHS. For this little experiment, I'm just going to demonstrate Read more [...]