All Politicians Simultaneously Resign

As a freak burst of radiation from the sun hit the earth last Sunday, sociopaths around the world, many of them politicians, suddenly regained a sense of empathy as the anterior insular cortex area of their brain began working properly again. On Monday morning, thousands of politicians around the world woke up to the Read more [...]

The School Bus

(Short stories from the Apocalypse Series) The impending exams loom heavy on the horizon. The principal, in a surprise visit, personally informs your parents of the need to re-test the entire curriculum, after you spectacularly failed the first time. One moment you are sitting at your desk, staring at a book with blank Read more [...]

The Winged Terrors

“Hey Tommy, did you study for the test today?” “What test, what are you talking about?” You were shocked. Nobody had told you about any test. Suddenly the playground shifted, merged, and you were transported into a classroom with a very loud clock. You were seated, and in front of you was a test paper. The Read more [...]

Servant of Death: Chapter 2 – Awakening

Breathe, breathe! You take a long breath, as if air was suddenly a foreign and exquisite delight. Blood begins to return to your limbs, and you feel life flowing back into your extremities. Your fingers twitch, your feet become warm and regain their feeling – and a kind of glee overtakes you. You sit up, finding Read more [...]

Servant of Death: Chapter 1 – Afterlife

"Please, take a seat." Said a voice. You look around, unable to comprehend its origin. "Who is this? Where am I?" "Oh, your eyes haven't adjusted to the dark yet – have they? Here, I'll turn on the light." Suddenly everything becomes white, and you see a simple wooden table with two chairs at opposite ends, Read more [...]