The Toxicity of Culture

Culture (root word: cult) is toxic regardless of its content. At best a culture has kernels of truth and relates to objective reality. Even in this case, it is a terrible idea to teach it as you are teaching people what to think rather than how to think. Even if the culture contains some important virtues and good values Read more [...]

What if statists secretly already knew they were slaves?

Notice what happens when you tell someone that taxation is theft, or anything else that serves to point out their chains. What happens? They have an immediate reaction. Their amygdala kicks in with the fight or flight instinct, floods the brain with electrical impulses, and shuts off the frontal Neocortex responsible for Read more [...]

Social progress as the gradual extension of human rights

The progress of civilization - of (negative) rights, can largely be framed as the extension of personhood to every human being. Sometimes this process can take centuries or even millennia to reach certain groups. To put things in a slightly more rigorous way, the right I am talking about here is the right not to be Read more [...]

Why the Free Market is the Ultimate (and only) Morally Just System

(or Why Everyone Benefits from Voluntary Interactions) If, like the Classical and Marxist economists, you believe in the long-discredited Labor Theory of Value, then goods and services have objective values assigned to them, derived largely from the labor that went into their creation. If indeed the value of goods Read more [...]

Slavery Never Went Away

I’m an abolitionist – I want to abolish slavery. “Wasn’t that already done 150 years ago?” Ah, no my friend, here you have stumbled onto the best kept secret of these last two centuries – that slavery never went away. It’s still here, right with us. And it is everywhere. “What are you talking about? Read more [...]