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The world divides politically into those who want people to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.


What’s up with all the anti-semitism?

Following what looks like a false flag chemical attack in Syria, I just watched a brilliant video by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson in which he argues that a war in Syria would be a terrible mistake. Of course, I agree with that assessment, and moreover I'm surprised to see Fox News broadcasting an anti-war message. Read more [...]


The Cheeky Monkey Parable of the Boom-Bust Cycle

(Or the Misadventures of Fisherman and the Cheeky Monkeys) Imagine you are on an island - a single human being fighting for your survival. You were stranded here after an unfortunate boating accident, and until, or even if you are ever found, you must do your best to survive. This is the Robinson Crusoe example so Read more [...]