Racism as a false narrative to divide and conquer

There are roughly 20,000 people murdered every year in the United States. Of those murders, how many can you recall, in any given year, does the media jump on and widely publicize as racist? 3? 5? Let's be generous and say there are 5 shocking incidents the media plasters all over the place to tell us how there is "institutional" Read more [...]

The Hypocrisy of Soldiers Supporting the 2nd Amendment

If you're into prepping, firearms, survival, or bushcraft, sooner or later you'll have likely stumbled on one (or many) of the YouTube channels run by vets that talk about these things. Also, inevitably, sooner or later these channels will put out a video claiming to support the 2nd Amendment. One such channel I occasionally Read more [...]

What is the media distracting us from?

The media has had a sordid history of distraction, misdirection, disinformation, and all sorts of malicious propaganda. That's why I've never owned a TV and haven't "consumed" any mainstream media in years, except occasionally to poke fun at the lies. Illegal radiation experiments Have you ever wondered why O.J. Read more [...]