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The world divides politically into those who want people to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.


Google Censorship

Google censorship - two words that should send shivers down your spine. So many people trust Google with their access to information. While, technically, Google doesn't host much of its own information, it definitely controls what information on the web you know about. It's a gatekeeper of sorts. There are of course Read more [...]


The Financial Bubble that brings Economic Armageddon?

We may be facing the worst financial bubble yet. But let's put this into some context. The U.S. economy never recovered from the crisis that began in 2007. It hasn't even recovered from the dot-com bubble in 2000. And depending on how you look at things, it was more or less stagnant since 1990. What am I talking about? Read more [...]


iPhone Production and the Sweatshop Solution

I want to discuss a recent bit of news and the economics of sweatshops. I'll touch on what causes economic growth, what doesn't, and how sweatshop conditions can be eliminated. There's been a recent report from a journalist working for the Shanghai Evening Post, who spent a week working undercover as an employee at a Read more [...]