E-Prime and Politics – how a little thought can avert a lot of strife

"That movie was funny" takes an opinion and presents it as an objective fact. But it is not possible to objectively (that is to say, outside of the observation of a human) evaluate the merits of a movie. There is not a movie in existence that will have been liked by everyone. No matter how funny some people will find a Read more [...]

The origins of Statism in child abuse

If you punish children, most will grow up believing that they were punished because they were bad. They grow up believing that others are bad, too. That human beings must be beaten to stop them from hitting each other. That without this coercive parent, social relations would, almost overnight, descend into chaos. Thus, Read more [...]

Approaching religious belief from an NVC perspective

My usual reaction when confronted by a religious person who tries to convert me so as to "save my soul" is one of disgust and perhaps even contempt. I think the reaction of most irreligious people is similar. I mean, is the religious person insulting my intelligence with his fairy tales? What business is it of theirs anyway?! Well, Read more [...]