The Hypocrisy of Soldiers Supporting the 2nd Amendment

If you're into prepping, firearms, survival, or bushcraft, sooner or later you'll have likely stumbled on one (or many) of the YouTube channels run by vets that talk about these things. Also, inevitably, sooner or later these channels will put out a video claiming to support the 2nd Amendment. One such channel I occasionally Read more [...]

Most people don’t want to be free…

Most human beings today suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. They think that the politicians, the cops, the soldiers, the bureaucrats, and everyone else that makes up "their" government are somehow on their side, especially whenever someone they "elected" won. But they're not. Politicians have immunity from prosecution. When Read more [...]

When they came for…

First they came for the alcohol, and the conservatives did nothing because they wanted prohibition. When they came for the gold, the poor people did nothing because they had no gold. When they came for the drugs, the conservatives did nothing because conservatives didn't like drugs. When they came for your privacy, Read more [...]