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Woolpower – as great as they say?

It seems to be really hard to find any negative reviews for the Woolpower brand of clothing made in Sweden. Which, given my recent experience with them, is kind of surprising. I'll say immediately that the actual material they use is great. A combination of breathable, odor-resistant merino wool on the inside, and a Read more [...]


Rule of Threes for Survival – There are Two Different Ones!

In survival, there are two different Rule of Threes talked about. This article will be a quick summary of what they are. Rule of Threes as it applies to Survival Equipment/Gear This rule of threes is all about redundancy. The idea is to have at least three ways of obtaining every survival essential. Fire is one such Read more [...]


Ultralight Water Filtration and Purification Kit

In my years of backpacking in the wilderness and traveling in countries with questionable water supplies, I've realized that clean water is a top priority. The kit below works as a miniaturized municipal water treatment facility that you can bring with you to developing countries with no infrastructure for clean water, Read more [...]


A Prepper’s Review of the Scottevest Travel Vest

Scottevest sent me one of their Scottevest Travel Vests for testing and review, and so over the past two weeks I've been wearing it every day, putting it to use in various situations and with different gear setups. I've used it in cooler, windy weather, as well as hot sunny weather. I've used it on its own, with a day Read more [...]


Are you a newbie prepper? Here’s a quick starter checklist!

Step 1: Take a small notebook, and for the next week, record every single item you use. Whether it's a bottle of water, some toilet paper, or food. Record the type of item and the quantity. At the end of the week, look at your list and extrapolate for one month, two months, a year - whatever you want. Then go and buy that. Read more [...]