Rule of Threes for Survival – There are Two Different Ones!

In survival, there are two different Rule of Threes talked about. This article will be a quick summary of what they are. Rule of Threes as it applies to Survival Equipment/Gear This rule of threes is all about redundancy. The idea is to have at least three ways of obtaining every survival essential. Fire is one such Read more [...]

Ultralight Water Filtration and Purification Kit

In my years of backpacking in the wilderness and traveling in countries with questionable water supplies, I've realized that clean water is a top priority. The kit below works as a miniaturized municipal water treatment facility that you can bring with you to developing countries with no infrastructure for clean water, Read more [...]

How to hide numbers in plain sight

Alright, so one of the most important rules of password security is to never write it down. This is a very good idea, but not everyone has an amazing memory for numbers. Personally I can remember numbers quite easily providing I use them at least once every couple of weeks. But there are numbers, such as the pin code of Read more [...]