Approaching religious belief from an NVC perspective

My usual reaction when confronted by a religious person who tries to convert me so as to "save my soul" is one of disgust and perhaps even contempt. I think the reaction of most irreligious people is similar. I mean, is the religious person insulting my intelligence with his fairy tales? What business is it of theirs anyway?! Well, Read more [...]

Things I Don’t Like about Christianity

Although I'm an agnostic atheist, I tend to dedicate a lot more time to criticizing the religion of Statism than that of Christianity, because quite frankly Statism is far more dangerous, especially insofar as Statism and Secularism are religions to which most atheists flock quite happily, thinking they've discovered a Read more [...]
faith in science

Faith in Science

Am I the only one who is starting to get peeved off with these catchphrases? It's like Science is the new Religion. The fact is, science can be done wrong. Methodologies can be faulty. Scientists can fall in love with their theories and manipulate data. You see it all the time in bio-medical research, especially Read more [...]