Biometric Passports are Evil – how we’re being tagged like criminals

If countless security experts have voiced their concern about how dangerously vulnerable biometric passports are. If the UK government can't even handle personal details, let alone something as irreplaceable as biometric data (one can be issued a new credit card, but not a new set of fingerprints). If well over 10% Read more [...]

Smoking – an act of aggression?

Should smoking in the presence of unwilling recipients of carcinogens be considered an act of aggression? In the United States alone, approximately 50,000 people die from second hand smoke every year. That's FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE. Second hand smoke is similar to a sort of delayed Russian roulette. You might get lucky, Read more [...]

Government Surveillance: How you’re treated as a criminal, and what you can do to protect yourself

This is a daughter post of Self-Defense in the Information Age. For my sister article on ways governments track you in the online world, and how you can retain anonymity and privacy, see Anonymous Browsing: How governments track you in the online world. Tracking in the Real World Loyalty cards at supermarkets and Read more [...]
Anonymous Browsing

Anonymous Browsing: How governments track you in the online world

Anonymous browsing is more than a political statement that your privacy and anonymity is important to you. There may come a time, and in many countries it already has, when internet access will be censored and restricted. That governments around the world collect and store massive quantities of data, essentially treating Read more [...]