Become a prepper and save money!

One of the main things preppers do is they stock up on things so they never find themselves without. For instance, an average prepper might have a few weeks of food stocked up, so that they can weather a hurricane (pun intended) or some other disaster without going hungry or needing to depend on belated FEMA handouts.

But what many people, even preppers, might not realize, is that buying in bulk today what you’re going to eat for weeks, months, and even years ahead is a fantastic way to save money.

I’m not just talking about the bulk buying aspect, which is certainly one way to save money.

I’m talking about inflation. Today, inflation rates in the US average 10% per year (far higher than the official government lie of 2%). So, on average, the cost of food (and everything else) is going up by 10% every year.

By buying lots of food in bulk today, and then eating it over the next year, you can offset much of that inflation. Here’s an example of inflation with a can of beans:

  • Can of beans – 2019 – $1
  • Can of beans – 2020 – $1.10
  • Can of beans – 2021 – $1.21

That’s what a 10% annual inflation rate looks like.

If you buy a can of beans today for $1, and then eat it in 2020 when it costs $1.10, you’re saving yourself 10 cents per can! Because if you had gone out to the store to buy that can in 2020, you’d be paying the new, higher price for it. Wait another year and you save 21 cents per can.

You’re saving money by essentially treating beans as an investment with an expiration date. Buy enough food that lasts a long time, and it really starts to add up

And if it ever comes to needing that food in an emergency, you’ll be stocked up while your neighbors are fighting over the last can of beans at the store before a hurricane. Win-win.

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