The Self-Destructive Signal

Surrounded by eyes,
Who see but a shell,
We crave curiosity,
Someone to tell.

At first we are quiet,
To see if they care.
But no one will ask,
No one will dare.

So, starved of attention,
We cry out in fear.
We hope they will hear us,
We hope we are dear.

But no one approaches,
Our parents aren’t near.
We broadcast a signal,
That no one can hear.

We try to scream louder,
We try to act out,
We hurt our own bodies,
We hope they’ll find out.

But still no one asks us,
And still no one cares,
The golems just stand there,
As if unawares.

To waken stone hearts,
Bring their dark into day,
We put out own bodies,
In fatal harm’s way.

We make one last gambit,
We raise the degree.
If maybe we die,
Then someone will see!

In destroying ourselves,
We assumed someone cares.

But even our death,
Is a signal too quiet,
For those with no ears,
To suddenly hear.

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