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The next frontier in civil rights is not trans people

Liberals are always looking for their next moral crusade. Once black people, women, and homosexuals were recognized as having equal rights, they ran out of causes until they found trans people. And just for good measure, some of them also pretend like racism and sexism are still an issue in the West (actually, it sort of is, but not in the way you might think), even going so far as to resurrect zombies like the KKK, which haven’t actually done anything in decades.

But while trans people are getting all of this media attention and coverage, and even special legal treatment in countries like Canada and places like New York City, the plight of a far larger, and more vulnerable group of people is going unaddressed.

Children in most of the world, and even in most Western countries, continue to occupy a strange legal non-person status. In the U.S., you can physically assault your child and not go to jail. In fact, most people do. Things like this, or the fact that the left doesn’t care in the slightest about the genocidal use of Depleted Uranium in war, is mounting evidence that the left don’t really care about people, they just want to seem like they care. So they won’t champion little known, difficult, or controversial causes, but whatever the legacy media stands behind. In other words, they’ll jump on the social justice bandwagon when it makes them look good, as long as they don’t actually risking anything personally.

You know why the left doesn’t care about spanking? Because 65% of self-identified Democrats still spank their kids. And black people in America spank at a rate higher than white people. So going on a moral crusade about spanking is just going to alienate most of your leftist friends, and they’d probably lose some of the black vote, too. It’s just like champagne socialists, they’re happy to pretend to advocate for the working class and virtue signal as long as it doesn’t impact their lifestyle.

Maybe if spanking rates ever dropped to 20%, that’s when they’d start talking about it – after it stops being a major issue.

Civil rights movements used to be controversial and worthwhile. Now they’re generally pointless, mundane, misguided, and boring.

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