Website overhaul for 2019, plus a personal update

Hi folks! I’ve decided I’m going to post more to this website. This has been a bit of a side hobby, with me posting anywhere from 0 to dozens of articles in any given year. I started this blog back in 2012 when I was still really into economics and politics. Nowadays my interest in economics has waned to almost nothing, and my interest in politics has taken a back seat to real life.

In 2015 I moved to London and started work as a software engineer. That same year, I met my future to-be-wife. We lived together in England, and then moved back to her homeland of Texas in 2017 and got married! Now we’re saving up money to pay off our debts and be debt-free by the end of 2019, get some more therapy before having kids (so we can be the best parents we can be), and then try for kids! It’s been an exciting rollercoaster, but I’d be making excuses if I said that I was too busy to post here.

Some of my articles have a few hundred views, others have tens of thousands (like the video game addiction article). I realized yesterday, when reading through the comments to some of my articles, that some people really do enjoy what I’ve written, or have found it be helpful in their lives. Maybe one of the most helpful articles I’ve written was one inspired by an ailment of my own: chronic idiopathic urticaria.

In any case, I’ve decided to be more active here. I’ve changed the theme to something much simpler and better looking, added HTTPS to every page so your ISP isn’t snooping on what articles you’re reading, changed the comment system from Disqus (which was inserting ads without my knowledge) to the built-in WordPress one, and some other fine-tuning. I would definitely appreciate any feedback y’all might have for me! And yes, I owe the y’all to my wife.

My plan is to continue posting the occasional non-fiction article analyzing something or expressing my ideas on one of the many topics I have an interest in, but I’d also like to write a bit more about my personal life, as well as some fiction.

I’ve been enjoying slowly reading through Journal of the Zombie Years, a fictional account of a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a middle-aged mom with her 3 kids and a husband. It’s a long book, and it was published in bits and pieces online, one diary entry at a time. That kind of inspired me to try writing my own fiction and releasing it for free, maybe one post a day, or one a week, we’ll see. If I ever get to actually finishing the book, I might even publish it!

I’ve started small writing projects in the past, but as long as they were confined to my hard drive, I’ve never had the motivation to keep going. What are your goals and plans for 2019? Share in the comments below.

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