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Why Advocacy of Gun Control is Elitist, Tyrannical, and Anti-Equality

Proponents of gun control never want to destroy all guns in existence – that would be impossible, requiring the destruction of all evidence of centuries of technological progress.

Instead, they advocate the concentration and monopolization of firearms in the hands of the few, rather than the many.

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This is what gun control always leads to.

A firearm is a technology, and like all technologies, especially those that can be used to protect or take someone’s life, can be either a tool of enslavement, or a great equalizer. The more people have access to the technology, and the cheaper it is, the less the few have the ability to oppress the many. But if a few have access to the technology, and the rest are forbidden it – the result is wholesale slaughter.

Every major genocide that I can recall was carried out against a largely unarmed populace, and in many cases a disarmament shortly preceded it.

Therefore, proponents of gun control, the tyrants in sheep’s clothing that often deceptively call themselves “liberals”, are not proponents of freedom, or even of equality. Rather, they are proponents of elitism, tyranny, oppression, and inequality.

For there is no quicker way to achieve these than to concentrate firearms in the hands of a government’s military and police force.

Even the smallest of gun restrictions is never applied to everyone. It cannot be.

And so the ban on fully automatic weapons in the United States is not a ban at all, but rather the effort to privilege one group – the government and those who enforce the will of politicians – at the expense of everyone else in society. All this does is achieve an imbalance of power between the State and the people.

And in those countries where gun control has taken a complete hold, such as the UK, most people have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that they don’t want to have guns. They think it’s not civilized, that it’s not progressive.

I’ll tell you what’s not progressive, but rather the most regressive, reactionary, and elitist attitude imaginable – supporting that one group, or class, is armed, and that others are not. That one group can, at will, impose their edicts on another, and that the other has no recourse except to beg for their mercy.

Because nothing says civilized and progressive like oppression of a majority by a minority. And let’s face it – proponents of gun control are the last people whose opinion on this matter should be respected. After all, they have the evil to backup their opinion with violence.

For a group that claims they want to create a world without gun crimes – they sure have no problem supporting a government violently oppressing the people and taking away their firearms… at the point of a gun.

(And for a quick debunking of the various pseudo-justifications used by gun control advocates to concentrate guns in the hands of the few, see here.)

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    1. Thanks! Sometimes there’s no better way to get your point across than by being honest and calling things by their proper names. Something every advocate of totalitarianism is deathly afraid of, hence the onslaught of euphemisms and “politically correct” language.

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