Americans were disarmed decades ago

The United States is perhaps the last country with an armed citizenry capable of resisting tyranny. The 2nd amendment and gun culture in some parts of the country there has helped preserve high gun ownership levels despite a century of persistent, unrelenting attempts at gun confiscation. Although Americans can no longer legally own actual weapons of war, and there are already nationwide databases of firearm ownership maintained by the ATF, still, with over 450 million firearms, Americans are better armed than any other people on the planet.

So how do you disarm a people whose gun ownership rights are enshrined in their constitution and culture? What do you do when mass shootings, media propaganda, and relentless dishonesty by politicians isn’t enough to take the guns away?

You take the person away.

An armed citizen is only a useful deterrent to tyranny if they are able, and willing, to use their firearms in the defense of themselves, their family, and their liberty. You need both firearms and effective, healthy people who won’t roll over easily.

So the U.S. government and American corporations and the corporate media have spent decades poisoning Americans in every way imaginable. As someone who lived in Europe and came to America, the difference is dramatic. The rates of obesity, for instance, are astounding. As unhealthy as many Europeans are, Americans take the cake. To me it is clear as day that Americans have been targeted for poisoning with a higher toxic load than any other people in the world.

Fluoridated water supplies (which are illegal in much of Europe), more vaccines on the schedule than any other country in the world (with a law that provides for zero liability to the pharmaceutical companies that make them), more prescription drug use than anywhere else in the world, lower quality of food, high obesity levels, and a third-world medical system in which the infant mortality rate is so high, the U.S. ranks 47th in the world, behind countries like Serbia and Qatar.

And then there’s the epidemic of transgender people and falling testosterone levels. The average 20 year-old today in America has lower testosterone levels than the average retiree did in the 1940s. And lower grip strength, too. The toxic chemical load, such as from Atrazine, is so high that more and more people are becoming transgender.

At the same time, for half a century now masculinity has been demonized and mocked by the corporate media at ever-increasing rates. It’s not just the past decade that it’s been going on for. Look at “classic” shows like The Simpsons, in which the male characters are always portrayed as unlikeable, incompetent morons, and the women end up keeping things going.

Conservatives and libertarians trying to cling to their gun rights like it will save them from the coming purges are delusional if they think those guns will make any difference, when the people holding them are so sick and feminized that their ability to use them is almost non-existent.

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  1. Could a currency collapse end government. The thing is without money to pay police and soldiers. They will quit and there will be no government. I would like to know your thoughts.

    1. Libertarian Prepper

      It’s possible, but during currency collapses in the past we’ve seen the entire economy collapse too, so in addition to not having money to pay police and soldiers, you’d have widespread unemployment, possibly famine, a complete breakdown of supply chains, etc.

      In that situation, the police and military typically turn to a more direct way of getting resources than taxation: they pillage and steal directly from the citizenry. In that sense, remaining part of an armed force of government looters is probably a safer bet for staying fed during an economic collapse than quitting. North Korea is in a perpetual state of economic collapse, but its soldiers are probably better fed than the average citizen, because the ruling class knows that if they fail to feed their own soldiers, their time will be very limited.

      Since the U.S. is a collection of states with very different people and mindsets, it’s quite likely that a collapse of the U.S. dollar would lead to major secession movements and at least some states going back to some kind of gold/silver standard and issuing their own currency. I’d guess that’s a more likely path to greater freedom than hoping the entire government collapses. Governments live in peoples’ minds via propaganda, and until they die there, they’ll never die in reality, but be perpetually re-created. That’s why every revolution just replaces one government with another, like Rose Wilder Lane said: “An Old World revolution is only a movement around a motionless center; it never breaks out of the circle. Firm in the center is belief in Authority.”

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