3 thoughts on “Atheist Statists”

  1. I read this book that talked about god. I do not believe in god and from what this book says no one really does either. That deep down inside no one has ever believed in God because they can’t. It makes no sense. People might what to believe in god or at least say they do but they can’t. Could it also be that no one really believes in statism. Like their both religions and that is what they are people tend to pick and choose what they believe in and not and also both be hypocrites. For example some of the biggest liberals that feel that people should pay more in taxes get caught cheating on their taxes. Like people that believe in god and dislike gay people but are actively being gay themselves. I wouldn’t mind hearing about what you think when you get the chance. Also I really like your website.

    1. Libertarian Prepper

      Thanks! Yeah that’s an interesting thought – that these people don’t truly believe what they say because they’re so hypocritical. What was the book called? I’m curious to read it.

      I do think it’s likely there are some people out there who believe in something fictitious and have integrity about it (i.e. they actually follow the rules and aren’t hypocritical), but to be honest I haven’t really met many so maybe that’s a rare exception to the rule.

      I just wrote a post about virtue signaling – I wonder if that’s what’s going on here, people who claim they believe in god or government are just virtue signaling?

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