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Biometric Passports are Evil – how we’re being tagged like criminals

If countless security experts have voiced their concern about how dangerously vulnerable biometric passports are.

If the UK government can’t even handle personal details, let alone something as irreplaceable as biometric data (one can be issued a new credit card, but not a new set of fingerprints).

If well over 10% of all new biometric passports given out by the French government are to illegal aliens who aren’t even citizens.

Then maybe, just MAYBE, this isn’t about national security, or stopping illegal immigration, or any of the other false pretenses that governments around the world are using to push this technology on us.

Maybe the insistence of governments around the world to introduce, and then force this new technology on people is part of a far more insidious agenda.

So what’s this really about?

You’re being branded and tagged.

Every human being can be uniquely identified by their biometric data. No two sets of fingerprints, or iris scans, are the same. You know who else gets fingerprint data collected from them and then tracked wherever they go? Prisoners.

Biometric passports and the data government will collect from them are very much like a concentration camp tattoo, only more sophisticated.

We’re all treated like prisoners now. Welcome to the new world order.

Why governments love all tracking technologies

This is just the latest in a long series of online and offline tracking techniques used by governments around the world.

And to what end?

If the government decides to track down a dissident (someone who disagrees), or make it impossible for them to leave the country, they can now easily blacklist their fingerprints, digital image, retina scans, etc., making travel or even shopping almost impossible.

Imagine a new holocaust performed by a crazed government, who simply blacklists all the members of a particular ethnic group. Think back to the Nazis, and how fewer Jews would have escaped their clutches had the Nazis possessed a biometric database of their entire population, with concomitant scanning apparatuses around all important checkpoints.

Is it starting to sound scary yet? It should.

Framing for crimes you never committed 2.0

Governments will now be able to frame people for all manner of crimes, performing character assassinations or imprisoning dissidents not for their expression of free speech, but for crimes they were setup to have done.

For example, how easy would it be, having a biometric database of the entire population, to place fingerprints at a crime scene, and with our current state of advanced technology do a little video editing to change the CCTV video evidence and show the digital image of someone else other than who committed the crime. Remember that digital images are also collected for many of the biometric passports. And because of the weight that forensic evidence carries, such biometric framing would be very difficult to disprove, especially in a corrupt court system.

I don’t see anyone at the EFF or on Wikipedia mentioning such possibilities for abuse, and yet they are very much real.

Another piece of the control grid puzzle

The greater and more complete the database governments possess over their subjects, the easier it becomes to track, identify, group, and murder people. One doesn’t need to go through paper archives, trying to identify whether someone is a Jew, a Gypsy, or some other ethnic group the current brand of psychopathic ideology considers to be “undesirable”. They merely need to flag everyone of a certain genetic makeup, and voila – you have their current locations all on a nice, easy to use map.

That people, far from actively protesting biometric passports, are going out and getting them before they’re even compulsory, is proof of just how quickly many people seem to have forgotten all about what it’s like to live under a totalitarian government.

My previous advice was to obtain citizenship from a country that isn’t going to introduce or force its citizens to use biometric passports, but the list seems thin. It seems like every month more countries are being added to the map. Honestly, right now I have few suggestions on how to avoid giving away your biometric data. The European Union hopes that by 2017, none of its citizens will have regular passports anymore. By then, their biometric database will be complete.

And then what?

If anyone has ideas, or countries they would suggest immigrating to or obtaining citizenship from, please leave a comment below!