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Black Nazis in Africa taking over?

I’ve been learning some shocking, disturbing facts about South Africa and Zimbabwe over the last few days and I’d like to share these with you. It appears as though there’s a bizarre flavor of racist communism (also known as Nazism) taking over, where blacks are trying to expropriate property from whites because they’re seen as colonial scumbags. Never mind that the colonists died a long time ago and their ancestors today can’t possibly shoulder that blame (anymore than it is legitimate that a father who dies 15 years into serving a 30 year sentence in prison for murder provides an excuse to get the daughter, who was innocent of any wrongdoing, to complete the remaining 15 years of the sentence).

I don’t know how many people were oblivious as to what caused the Zimbabwe hyperinflation, the most notorious case of hyper-inflation in modern times. I thought, well, the government must have just printed a bunch of money and destroyed the currency, that’s how it works, right? Stupid policies by stupid people. The history of economics is about 99% idiotic policies and 1% sanity.

Well, it’s not so simple. There turns out to have been a multi-decade backdrop to this which I’d never heard of. This Wikipedia page provides some background.

To summarize: After Zimbabwe achieved independence from the United Kingdom, they immediately began taking land from white farmers in the area. For the first 15 or so years, these confiscations were compensated and supposedly voluntary, in a program called “Willing Buyer, Willing Seller”. They were able to finance this using funds from the United Kingdom, which bankrolled this whole operation. It was of course mired in corruption, “Funds earmarked for the purchase of white farms were frequently diverted into defence expenditure”. They acquired about 3 million hectares this way.

Then, in the 1990’s, the UK’s willingness to fund this ended, and the situation got bad real quick. Unable to produce any value with which to buy these lands themselves, the Zimbabwean government attempted to pass a constitutional amendment to allow themselves to steal land without compensation, but failed. “Despite vast support in the media, the new constitution was defeated, 55% to 45%.”

But it didn’t matter, within days, the Nazis marched on white farmers and took their land by force.

According to Human Rights Watch, by 2002 the War Veterans Association had “killed white farm owners in the course of occupying commercial farms” on at least seven occasions, in addition to “several tens of [black] farm workers”.[31]The first white farmers to die as a direct consequence of the resettlement programme were murdered by Zimbabwean paramilitaries in mid-2000. More commonly, violence was directed against farmworkers, who were often assaulted and killed by the war veterans and their supporters.

By 2013, every white-owned farm in Zimbabwe had been either expropriated or confirmed for redistribution.[6]

Only about 20% of the land they stole was compensated for.

Here’s the kicker though: the black people taking over didn’t know how to manage these lands. In fact, the main reason they were trying to take the white people’s lands in the first place is because of erosion from over-farming and incorrect farming techniques. The black subsistence farmers were just that, subsistence farmers. They didn’t have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to make their land productive enough to feed anyone besides themselves.

A basic pre-requisite for civilization is farming techniques that allow large numbers of people to not be farmers. You can’t have a civilization if everyone spends their entire day getting enough food for themselves. In developed economies, only about 2% of the population farm, and they can provide the food for everyone else because they’re so efficient.

This same thing happened when the Soviets expropriated land from (and murdered) the Kulaks, those farmers that were efficient enough to be able to hire people and who were more than subsistence farmers. The result? Millions starved. It was purposeful. In Ukraine, about 5 million people were starved to death by the communists in what was known as Holodomor, or “Kill them with hunger”.

The Soviet communists did it because they were communists, enraged by their own inadequacy and jealous of anyone who worked hard and was successful. They weren’t primarily targeting any specific race or ethnic group, they just targeted anyone who was successful.

When the Nazis of the Third Reich did it, they were targeting specific minorities. Jews, gypsies, and others. Nazism, an abbreviation of National Socialism, is communism with racist characteristics. And that’s exactly what I’m discovering has been going on in Zimbabwe for decades now. And just like communism everywhere, it’s ultimately self-destructive. They’re fueled by hatred of the successful, and in destroying them, spell their own doom. Zimbabwe has been a basket-case of poverty ever since.

Fast forward to South Africa today, and a constitutional amendment to allow for confiscation of white lands without compensation has just been passed, meaning the government of South Africa can officially do what they illegally and unofficially did in Zimbabwe.

I don’t know enough about Zimbabwean history to say how much of the land whites owned was stolen from the native population and how much was unoccupied and homesteaded, but in South Africa I’ve read that much of the initial Dutch settlement centuries ago was on unused land, and so this confiscation isn’t even some sort of “reclamation” of land. It’s just reverse-apartheid. As soon as the black people got into power, they enacted the same racist crap they hated white people for doing.

In South Africa, they’ve taken “affirmative action”, a leftist euphemism for institutionalized racism, to the next level, by firing massive amounts of white engineers from utilities companies. In this particular case, over 1,000 of them.

You see, white people are a small minority in South Africa, comprising about 8% of the population, so the fact that 30% of this company’s employees are white is simply unacceptable. Government law forces these companies to fire white people until there are only 8% of them, and to replace them with black people. The problem (besides how horribly racist this is), is that there aren’t enough qualified black engineers, and so South Africa faces a water and energy crisis, and once it takes all the land from the white farmers, it will face a food crisis, too.

And so the wheel of history crushes another civilization.

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