Black privilege

When the media, academics, and politicians are all screaming the same narrative, it’s typically a lie. Sometimes it’s a half-truth, but most of the time it’s the complete opposite of reality. This is what has happened with so-called “white privilege”, which is being touted everywhere as a way to spread hatred and racism by the left. Some of the biggest racists I’ve seen and met are leftists, and this is one of their biggest lies.

Does white privilege exist? Yes. Does it exist in the United States or Europe? No. Where does it exist? Mostly in some Asian countries. For instance, if you go to Thailand or China as a white person, you’ll experience some very different treatment from everyone else who visits. Some of that treatment will be preferential, and some of it will be negative. For instance, as a white person in Thailand, I had to pay significantly higher at government-ran museums, which officially sponsor racism and charge white people (technically, foreigners, but if you’re a foreigner who looks Asian, they won’t actually check your ID or anything, so it’s just based on appearance) 5 times what Asians get charged. On the other hand, you’ll get all kinds of preferential treatment, too. Finding a job as an English teacher is extremely easy, people will basically walk up to you and ask you to teach their kids. You’ll get extra-nice people at restaurants, but also taxi drivers who try to scam you. If you’re black in Thailand, good luck finding a teaching job, Thais are pretty racist.

But in the US? In Europe? The only privilege that exists based on race is for blacks, hispanics, and native Americans. For instance, colleges have quotas and special programs which favor these groups and will grant them entry despite lower grades than their white or Asian counterparts. Harvard was sued for this practice recently.

When it comes to scholarships, black and hispanic people get their own, special scholarships that white people cannot participate in – the National Achievement Scholarship that’s exclusive to black people, and the National Hispanic Scholarship for hispanic people. This is in addition to the National Merit Scholarship which everyone can participate in. Meanwhile, if a white-only scholarship was created, it would immediately be labeled as racist.

Personally, I don’t mind scholarships that discriminate, as long as they’re private – people can do whatever they want with their own money. The problem I have is with hypocrisy around racism (you can discriminate in favor of black people, but not in favor of white people), and with having a number of racist, discriminatory practices that harm white and Asian people, all while claiming that white people have “privilege”.

Another privilege that black people have is that only they are truly free to talk about issues affecting black people. If a black person speaks out about issues affecting the black family, or how black people commit crimes against other black people at a far higher rate than white people commit crimes against black people, then that’s okay, and they won’t get banned from YouTube. But if a white person says any of these things, it’s automatically labeled as hate speech. If certain topics are taboo to one race but perfectly acceptable to discuss for another race, then that’s racism, and social media platforms, video sharing websites, the mainstream media, and politicians are constantly espousing and enforcing racist ideas like this, yet they get away with it because they scream so loudly, and because they label anyone who disagrees with them as racists. Nobody wants to be called a racist, so people who disagree just stay quiet, and the crazy agitators and propagandists just get louder and louder, until it sounds like the whole world has gone crazy.

But the privileges don’t stop there. If you’re protesting against cause X, and cause X isn’t about racism, then your protest is a public health risk and will be cancelled by the government because of the pandemic. But, if you’re protesting about racism and you hold up a BLM banner, now it’s suddenly okay. What is this if not privileged treatment?

The truth is that the U.S. is an increasingly divided and racist society, but it’s not filled with white privilege, it’s filled with black and other minority privileges (except Asians, who seem to get discriminated against in college admissions even more than white people). This racism is being driven by the left-wing establishment, both in academia, the mainstream news, and on the streets by organized looters and rioters. The end goal is not a society with peace and justice. These revolutionaries are not trying to build a better world, they’re trying to tear down the one we have now so that they can remake it in their own brand of dictatorial tyranny, full of racism, hatred, and division.

What do you think will happen if you continuously label white people as racists (when most of them aren’t), perpetrate injustices against them, lie, discriminate, and foment hatred? You’re going to get a backlash. The left’s main job these days appears to be to provide more power to actual white supremacists and nationalists.

Their method is to create so much injustice and hatred that the country falls apart, and in the midst of that crisis, they hope to come to power and push their worldview onto you and your loved ones – at the point of a gun. This is Marxism 101 – divide and conquer. They failed to do it based on class and gender, so now they’ve gone with race as their point of division. And it doesn’t matter which brand of Marxism comes to power, they still “win”. Whether it’s a re-incarnation of Nazism (National Socialism) or Communist (International Socialism), it’s all just different flavors of tyranny. They’re all livestock management systems, and you’re the livestock.

Don’t fall for the trap. Whatever your race, turn off the news, stop listening to the propaganda, go out and talk to people, and you’ll realize you have far more in common than you have apart. They want you stuck at home, glued to the TV screen, growing in fear and, in time, anger. Don’t give them what they want.

2 thoughts on “Black privilege”

  1. It used to be that whites had all the privileges. The politicians were against blacks Hispanics and asian. Now the politicians support Blacks and hispanics. Instead of the government making everybody just legal. If you haven’t you should read democracy the God that failed.

  2. Being discriminated by Asians clout in Western countries and Asia is even worse.
    Blacks and Asians infiltrated White countries and then started shouting racism even though most Asians and Blacks are even worse in exploiting their racist privilege.
    See what happened to Russia when those Chinese Asians and other Asians infiltrated the once great country.
    We should not let let the blacks and Asians oppressed us. They come from third would countries and yet they want to push their third world values on us who wish to defend our freedom and our basic rights.
    Most Asians are even more racist than Whites.
    I am Asian and yet I am constantly mistreated by other Asians because I don’t fit into their Asian stereotypes.

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