Coronavirus: the perfect excuse for tyranny

Based on numerous scientific studies released thus far on the Wuhan coronavirus (no, I’m not calling it COVID-19), it appears as though it is far worse than a regular seasonal flu. In fact, uncontrolled spread could mean millions of people die. I am not, like Ron Paul has suggested, calling the coronavirus a hoax. I think it’s very serious. I do not think we need to downplay the seriousness of a pandemic to argue against tyranny. This is not a false dichotomy between:

  • The Wuhan coronavirus is not a big deal/just a flu, and
  • The government must act now and put everyone into “lockdown” by force.

There is a third path, in which we take the disease seriously and don’t become a totalitarian dictatorship. I know, shocking.

Martial Law

But, first of all, let’s start with some terminology. When a government declares that people may not leave their house under threat of punishment (fines and imprisonment), this is martial law. It’s not a “lockdown”. You don’t get to invent a new word for a concept that’s been around for literally thousands of years to make it sound less bad. The politicians are complicit in this euphemistic lie, as well as the media, and the people parroting information on social media. It’s not a “lockdown”. Call things what they are.

Let’s see what the U.S. constitution, the law of the land, says about not being able to meet up with other people, whether for weddings, at grocery stores, to go to the park, or for any other reason:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The 1st amendment to the U.S. constitution

Here’s the same freedom enumerated in the U.N. universal declaration of human rights. This one applies to all humans on earth, not just U.S. citizens.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.”

Article 20 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

This basic human right must not be infringed under any circumstances. It doesn’t matter if there’s a war, a plague, a famine, or any other disaster. If a person wants to peaceably assemble with others, with full consent, then that is the right. You can frown upon it, argue against it, try to convince them that it’s a bad idea. But you cannot use force to stop them, threaten them with imprisonment, kidnap them (arrest), or steal from them (a fine). Doing so makes you a criminal, and it doesn’t matter how many titles, fancy suits, or dollars you have.

The perfect excuse for tyranny

Right now, governments around the world, including the U.S. government, are using this pandemic as a giant power grab. “Don’t let any crisis go to waste” is in the DNA of government.

Was a recession caused by the government printing too much money and creating systemic moral hazard within the financial system? That’s okay! Let’s fix it by having more government bailouts for megacorporations.

Did governments around the world cover up, downplay, and flat out lie to people about this pandemic? That’s okay! Let’s fix it by trusting those same people with even more power. After all, we all know that if someone can’t handle a small task, obviously giving them the responsibility for handling a much larger, more complicated task, is a great idea.

If back in December, when the Chinese government knew full well about the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, they didn’t cover it up and arrest doctors who tried to blow the whistle, it could have been stopped before it even got out of China.

If back in January, when the whole world knew about the outbreak, the U.S. government didn’t downplay the threat of the coronavirus while quietly selling off stock ahead of the market crash, Americans could have prepared, and the outbreak could have been stopped in its tracks. Instead, politicians around the world have systematically lied to their people until the truth was impossible to contain, and at that point, they announced ridiculous, belated, and ineffective emergency measures that caused panic-buying at grocery stores.

Do you think that’s an accident? They clearly knew. They had briefings, that’s why they sold their stocks ahead of the market crash. They knew it was coming, they deliberately did nothing, and then used the ensuing panic and fear to grab more power. Unfortunately for people who like freedom, most people who get swept up in fear forget all about their rights. That’s how religions work, too. Fear makes people want safety and security, indeed, they demand it. Who cares about the cost! If millions lose their job because of martial law, do it anyway! If our precious few remaining freedoms are further eroded under the collapsing, putrescent corpse of morally and financially bankrupt governments, do it anyway!

The virus may make us sick and may kill the old and infirm, and even some of the healthy, but it cannot rob us of our work, our dignity, our freedoms. Only the government can do that. What’s the point of being healthy and alive, if you must live life as a slave? We’re losing sight of what’s actually important while desperately calling for our own chains.

Governments are why we’re in this mess

The official advice of the U.S. government, to this day, remains that masks are ineffective and that Americans shouldn’t bother wearing one. Who cares what the actual scientific studies say, right? “Don’t buy masks, they’re not effective. We need them for our healthcare workers.” Translation: Masks are effective, which is why we need them for our healthcare workers, but instead of doing our jobs and stocking up on masks at hospitals and CDC & FEMA warehouses, we squandered all that tax money on corruption and incompetence, and so now we’re going to lie to the people, thus endangering them, to cover our asses.

Oh and there’s the fact that Asian countries like South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan which encouraged mask use saw amazing success in containing the outbreak. But yeah, let’s ignore the real life data, the science, and logic, who needs those, right? Just believe in the god of government.

Cover for an economic crisis

Remember the dot com crash? That was in about 2000. Remember the housing bubble crash? That was in 2007/8. What year are we in now? 2020. We are way overdue for major recession, perhaps the biggest one since the 1930’s. Governments around the world have been pumping their economies full of phony money, going bankrupt funding welfare states with by mortgaging the unborn, and faking all the economic growth statistics along the way to fool us into thinking things aren’t as bad as they really are.

But, oh! Look! It’s a virus! We all have to shelter in place! What a perfect excuse!

Now the economy can collapse, the stock market can crash, thousands of businesses can close, and millions can lose their jobs, and nobody will blame the government and bankers who caused this mess. This virus is the perfect scapegoat to pop the inflationary bubbles around the world without anyone blinking an eye as to what’s really behind the crash, and the people responsible will, once again, get off scot-free.

So as you sit, locked in quarantine, by a government that has usurped onto itself powers of martial law that it does not rightfully have, take some time to think about what your forefathers have fought and bled for. These freedoms you have that are being rapidly eroded by a failing state, grasping onto power as the productive and creative momentum of prior generations slows down when confronted with the brutal indifference of civilizational decline. Think about how governments never relinquish emergency powers. Remember how after 9/11 travel changed forever, and the fourth amendment is violated literally millions of times every day by the TSA.

Think about the world your children will grow up in. You are leaving them a shoddy inheritance.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus: the perfect excuse for tyranny”

  1. The fact that China breed one of the most tyrannical Asiatic societies and started the fear or disease pandemic should be wake up call to us who may not be fully aware how dangerous most of their oppressive Asiatics way of lives are to us if we allow them to intrude into our lives.
    The West should closed the door on most Asian migrantswho are known to be spreading more dysfunction from their Asian societies, in order to prevent more of this type of dangerous health risk and tyrannical pandemic that is being spread from China. Their Chinese societies has for centuries ruined many of our lives via their greed, callousness, oppressive and tyrannical Asiatics culture. Too many of their corrupt oversea Chinese are also still known to oppress us and condemn our Western civilization even though their Asiatic societies has been given so much help to be free from their China. We can’t help their already rotten cruel Asiatic societies who mostly continue to oppress us and condemn us for wanting our freedom back. It has been tough for many of us having to be forced to live in their mostly abusive and oppressive Asian culture. I just hope more people who really want to be free from their Asiatic tyrannical societies would speak up and not forced to be part of them ever again.

  2. Why is it the Asian culture, it was their government that kept it quiet? And our American government that kept it quiet.

    1. Their Asian culture is oppressive and authoritarian; and most of their Asian societies is oppressive and not surprisingly, their Asian government tend to be authoritarian and oppressive as well. Many of them became wealthy due to their Asiatic societies imposing draconian measure on us that resemble various types of unreasonable exploitation and enslavement to their rotten societies. Their oppressive brutal culture besides their recent Chinese virus itself is a disease that tend to spread whenever they set up their horrible Chinatowns around the world. A lot of research needs to be done to with regard how subtlely and extremely damaging their nasty Chinese culture/societies had been to us they considered as outsiders. The Chinese in particular and other Asians, in general, in their greedy quest to riches had ruined and damaged many of our lives in this modern free world. I have many unpleasant experience with them around the world. I find them one the most hostile and brutal people if one is need of any help from them.

  3. Wuhan Coronovirus: most probably another ploy by China to profit from the virus and fear spread by the pandemic. It is really unacceptable for such a huge and expanding (and brutal) economy like China to have such poor level of hygiene.
    The decline of our Western civilization is no doubt caused by their massive Chinese infiltration and their oppressive, backward Chinese culture that tend to inflict all sorts of unfair obstacles and brutal treatment to us outsiders who are more civilized, considerate or better than them.

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