Death by Forgiveness

Truth, like a vibration,
Plays the chords of every soul.
Reaching out, undimmed by fear,
With its power makes you whole.

And if you but allow it,
Truth will shatter ice and cold,
And the iceberg of your feelings,
Once again will re-emerge.

But when truth trips up a trauma,
When its light reveals the past.
That’s when chorus after chorus,
You will hear – “Forgive! Move on!”

They whose pain is strong and vivid,
But whose courage lacks resolve,
Those who shudder at the maybe,
That they really weren’t at fault.

Those who still fear that their anger,
Will a doom soon bring about.
All too quickly seek to bury –
Shove their feelings in a box.

But the truth is a vibration,
and the box’s seams are weak.

So although you have forgiveness,
It comes through dissociation.
And the calm you have been promised,
Now will be your soul’s starvation.

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