Double Standards

Double Standards

Double standards suck, and yet they’re everywhere. In the legal system, people wearing a badge and a funny hat can literally get away with murder.

Injustice runs rampant. But the worst part is that most people I talk to don’t seem to recognize these moral double standards. They think it’s okay. They think it’s the exception. It isn’t. It’s literally the rule of law.


You and I can’t legally get away with theft, but a government agent can. They euphemistically call it taxation. Double standards.

When a criminal breaks into a home, ties up the wife, and kills the husband, they go to jail. When a police officer breaks into a home, ties up the wife, and kills the husband, they get a paid vacation. Double standards!

These aren’t just singular cases of police brutality, such double standards are endemic to the system itself. Why? Because a territorial monopoly on the legal use of force is immoral. It’s wrong. It leads to great injustice going unpunished.

So pass this picture around, show your friends that the double standards resulting from having a badge and wearing some cotton are not okay. Evil is NOT necessary.

Double Standards

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2 thoughts on “Double Standards”

  1. Theft = you lose all your valuables.
    Taxation= you lose SOME of your valuables to ensure services that will prevent you and everyone else to lose all your valuables and that keep the society together.
    At least in theory.Practically everyone will rip you off including your government which is why governments need changing often.

    1. Theft is defined as the forcible taking (without consent) of property from someone. It doesn’t have to be the taking of all valuables. If a burglar breaks into my house and steals my computer, it’s theft – even if he didn’t steal the rest of my stuff.

      Since taxation requires the violation of property, it cannot possibly be there to protect property, because that would be a performative contradiction. One cannot protect property by violating it.

      I understand why you think the way you do – I did once as well. It’s how almost everyone is raised. But please consider than when you accept as a fundamental truth that the purpose of government taxation is theft of resources, and that governments are basically elaborate protection rackets (as well as counterfeiting, murdering, and all manner of other operations), then your thinking about the world will be greatly clarified.

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