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How I Healed my Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

I doubt this solution will work for everyone, but it worked for me, and what turned out to be causing my Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria was such an ubiquitous food, that virtually everyone eats it. (Remember though, I’m not a doctor, and you’re responsible for doing your own research and making your own decisions.)

First some background: I’ve had a lifetime of hay fever and allergy to house dust mites. From as early as I can remember, summers were a hell of runny noses and sneezing for me. Then for no known reason (hence idiopathic), when I was 18 I started getting urticaria (itchy skin rashes) all around my body. They would appear and disappear, and then appear somewhere else.

The only thing that could help was an antihistamine pill, but they only worked for about 24 hours. After that, I was in itchiness hell all over again. For the next four years, until a few months ago, I would take antihistamines almost every day.

Then I read a book about the causes of cancer, and one of the primary causes given was nutrition, especially sugar. It turns out that paleolithic humans likely ate no more than 5 grams of refined sugar a day (from scavenged honey). The average American adult eats 110 grams. The average american teenager eats 170 grams. That’s more than an order of magnitude above what our bodies are made to handle.

What the book didn’t really mention, and what I discovered later, is that almost all simple carbohydrates are digested into sugars too. Polysaccharides are basically sugar molecules stuck together with more sugar. When they enter our bloodstream, the effect is the same as if we had eaten raw sugar itself.

For a fun experiment, look up the Glycemic Index (a measure of how quickly blood sugar levels rise) values for sugar and white bread. They’re pretty much the same.

You’re probably wondering what the hell this has to do with Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. I’m getting there.

What does blood sugar do? Blood sugar levels are toxic outside of a very narrow range. So when our blood sugar level spikes after a high-carb meal, the Pancreas releases Insulin, which forces the body to store fat, leaving only sugar behind. Our cells have no choice but to use the sugar for energy instead of the fat, thereby lowering the blood sugar level.

But here’s the relevant part – when Insulin is released, IGF-1 is also released. IGF-1 is a pro-inflammatory hormone. Inflammatory, as in – unexplained skin rashes and urticaria!

Not that IGF-1 is only implicated in that. It’s also implicated in cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases of inflammation.

But the point is that when I limited my sugar intake to about 10 grams a day (two teaspoons), and limited my carbohydrate intake to less than 150 grams per day, my allergies disappeared. Not just the Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria – all my allergies are virtually gone. I haven’t used an antihistamine since going on a Paleo diet (to be fair, I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve incorporated as much of the Paleo diet as I can right now).

And when one day I could not resist the urge and ate too much sugar, the next 24 hours or so all of my itchiness and urticaria came back!

So – get rid of grains and sugars as much as possible (and vegetable oils too), and see if that can help. Most people are eating large amounts of pro-inflammatory foods. You want to do the opposite.

Humans were never meant to eat so much sugar, nor so many grains.

Not a single doctor I had personally talked to, including a professional allergologist, ever suggested anything except taking antihistamines or doing desensitizing vaccinations. It seems like sometimes they don’t care to deal with the causes, and are happy merely suppressing the symptoms of a health problem instead.

But if the urticaria was an outside manifestation of chronic inflammation, just imagine the inflammation going on inside!

However, since getting onto a Paleo diet, I’ve lost excess weight, stopped having intestinal troubles from all those grains (literally) rotting in my gut, and a blood test has shown my CRP levels (a marker of inflammation) to be 0.7, which is considered low.

  • Robyn

    This is absolutely amazing. I, myself, have suffered from chronic idiopathic urticaria for the past 15 years this summer. I’ve been told for the past 15 years that I’m under control and I shouldn’t worry about looking for a solution and I unfortunately have taken the doctor’s advice. You’re supposed to listen to your doctor, right? I take Allegra, Zyrtec, and Zantac all one time daily and I absolutely hate doing so. Over the past two weeks, my hives have broken through my medical cocktail, and I’ve been told to increase to two Zyrtec per day. That’s basically zombie status as I am ALWAYS tired. What’s worse is that for the past two years I’ve worked to lose a substantial amount of weight and I’ve recently begun digging into Paleo and juicing. I feel like such a hypocrite trying to feed my body the proper things and then I am popping antihistamine pills on the side. I am totally going to lower my carb and sugar macros and see what it can do for me.

    I’m so sorry to hear that you had to suffer from this awful condition, but you’ve given me hope that there is more to life than doping myself up on antihistamines to make it through the day without scratching.

    I would love to chat with you if that would be a possibility. My e-mail address is Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Libertarian Prepper

      Hey, I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering like this. I also took Zyrtec and Zantac, and then eventually Levocetirizin (next generation Zyrtec). I took it every day, and if I ever forgot, the itching would come back to remind me. But as I reduced my sugar and carb consumption and switched to a better diet I began to notice that I needed less and less of these pills, and then not at all. I’ve taken just two pills so far this year, when I got really sneezy from pollen – mostly when the lawn was being mown.

      When I switched to Paleo, I started to look at the ingredients list of every food I ate. Look at the macro-nutrient ratios – you’ll notice 95% of the food sold in supermarkets is mostly carbs, with some protein on the side. Everyone seems to be trying to avoid fat, or replace it with PUFAs, and the results seem to be pretty bad.

      Juicing is interesting and I tried it for a little while, but I also realized that, 1. Fruits are high in sugar, and 2. There’s no way for paleolithic humans to juice in the quantities that juicing diets suggest, so I’m skeptical that it’s the best way to match the diet we evolved to eat.

      I’d say, go cold turkey and eliminate everything sweet for a week. If you allow yourself anything, let it be just one teaspoon of honey. Acacia honey is one of the lower ones on the glycemic index I think. One teaspoon is about 5 grams – or what I’ve read was the limit to what the average paleolithic human would have eaten on a daily basis. If you’re going to avoid sugar though, avoid stuff like rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, wheat, bread, and flour-based products in general. If you let yourself eat any, let it be the potatoes.

      I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because there are a lot of great dairy products out there. Not exactly Paleo, but part of the Primal diet I think, which is a little more lenient. Go for high-fat sour cream (I like 30%), tvorog, etc. I like to cook in or add either butter or coconut fat. Basically I eat meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and vegetables as the primary foods.

      Mark Sisson has a Primal food pyramid that might help over here:

      I’m really not a doctor though, so do your own research :) I hope this helps and that you’re able to get off those blasted antihistamines. I know they can really put you to sleep!

      • Robyn

        Thank you for your advice! I am definitely going to start right away. I am already gluten free (stomach issues from a few years ago, but not diagnosed with celiac, but deemed gluten sensitive) so changing my sugar intake won’t be too terrible. I do love making smoothies and juicing, so I will just have to play with that and cut back on fruits and replace with more veggies. Funny how this is all related and if eating less sugar does help my hives (FINGERS CROSSED!), I’ve once again proven another doctor wrong. I am all about trying what the doctor says, but when they stop listening to you and what you feel your body really needs, it’s time to take it in your own hands.

        I am going to take your info and research more myself and see if something can work.

        Thank you again. Glad to hear you’re down to no pills!!!

        • Libertarian Prepper

          I somehow missed your comment so sorry for the slow reply. I wish you all the best and I hope it works out for you!

  • Vispillo

    How long until you started noticing a difference in the itching

    • Vispillo

      Please reply ):

      • Libertarian Prepper

        Hey Vispillo,

        It took about a month, or maybe a month and a half until I noticed I no longer needed antihistamines. I guess it takes a while for chronic inflammation to calm itself down.

  • Bronie

    My allergist completely understands this! He is 73 and totally defies his colleagues regarding insulin issues & urticaria. He is ahead of his time :)

    • Libertarian Prepper

      That’s wonderful! You’re lucky to have such an allergist :)

  • Helen

    Have you considered that you may have yeast overgrowth/ leaky gut brought on by sugar? By sticking to your paleo diet you will help to heal these, but adding a few supplements will help you heal faster. They’re quite hot topics in paleo communities so have a look :)

    • Libertarian Prepper

      Thanks for pointing this out Helen. I was actually reading an article on leaky gut a couple of days ago and how it might relate to Psoriasis, another autoimmune disorder. You’re confirming that this is indeed something work looking further into. I’m considering abandoning dairy right now, despite my love of cheese and sour cream.

      p.s. The article I mentioned is here:

    • Joel

      Hey guys, thought I’d add my 2 cents, having also being diagnosed with CIU about 7 months ago. Doctors snd dermotoligists don’t understand our condition and will generally just prescribe anti histamines which did nothing for me.
      After doing a bit of reasearch on the web, I have cut out all wheat / flour and any kind of wheat extracts and am now completely clear.
      Would highly reccommend others to try this.

    • Shirley Mortimer

      Hi Helen, thank you also for this, was reading on another site about Candida, think i may have this, for the last few weeks I’ve been breaking out in hives, at first, it would only be once every few months, then every couple of weeks or so, now it’s almost everyday, my doctor wants to see an allergist, but I have never been allergic to anything in my life. Also, I get a lot of gas and bloating and pain in my stomach. Thanks

  • michelle

    Thank you for sharing. I too suffer from chronic hives. I am glad you found relief. I too will begin watching the sugars and grains.

    • Libertarian Prepper

      Thanks, and I wish you all the best of luck. While I am a big fan of civilization, I recognize that it also caused some serious problems, especially when it comes to the food we eat as part of an agricultural society.


    Hi I am facing the same issue since 3 months ..I checked my sugar level in blood ..Its 116 in fasting and HBA1C is 6.6. ….I visited several skin specialists and they all told that there is no medicine for allergies..It could be resolved by find the subsatnce which is causing the same. I stopped all my regular and doubted food stuffs…I use to take alchohol that is making my level of sugar high and causing Hives all over body..Its comes and goes and reappears again in some other place…Please suggest on the same….


    Also suggest on the food stuffs !!!

  • Halz

    I’ve been breaking out in hives for 4 months straight and I realised the common factor was just when id had a huge sugar rush. Thank you for your article about your experiences. I had doubts that urticaria could come from sugar but now I’m almost certain and can try and prevent the torture! Thank you :)

  • Francis

    Thanks for this article. Your symptoms of Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria sound exactly like my own over the last three years or so. Last year, rather than going even halfway Paleo, I simply cut out the most intense high-sugar foods (desserts, mostly), and within 5-6 months, the itching was gone, and my weight had dropped from 230 lbs to 190 lbs. I’ve been bad since, and have gained 10 lb back and all the itching. It’s time I got back to it.

    • Libertarian Prepper

      I’m glad to hear you’ve found a way to deal with it! Here’s a hint: don’t call yourself “bad” – self-attacks are never a sustainable way of changing behavior in the long run :)

  • Dana

    I discovered the same exact thing by accident. I’ve had hives rashes, psoriasis, pain in my stomach achy joints, sinus trouble, since I was 10. Symptomes are treated as presented. The dr just says I have multiple autoimmune problems nothin serious. I wasn’t over weight as a child but after my 3rd kid I was so I decided to start lifting weights and tracking everythin I put in my mouth. ALL my symptomes were gone within a couple months . I keep my carbs under 100 and drink a gal of water a day. I Binged a couple times at Christmas and thanksgiving . Those 2 months were hell. Back on track an no hives. Drs will never mention diet. For any thing .

    • Libertarian Prepper

      I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m glad you’ve found a solution! Awesome :) Autoimmune disorders are in my experience usually something to do with improper diet. Doctors unfortunately don’t get much of an education on nutrition. From what I understand their primary focus is: 1. Identify the ailment, 2. Prescribe a drug to fix it. That means they view a lot of nutrition advice as inherently quack-ish, because the assumption underlying such advice is that your body is fundamentally much more healthy than not, and can deal with most problems itself as long as you give it the right building blocks (good food) and don’t actively poison it (bad food). This has been my experience with most doctors I’ve ever talked to or heard of, unfortunately.

    • Johnc

      Bad diets fill doctors waiting rooms

  • Keith

    I hope this works. Iv been suffering from the same condition for about 3 months now. Yesterday my entire face swelled to the point where I was completely unrecognizable. Haven’t been able to figure out what the cause is. My friend tonight mentioned she had the same symptoms after taking an antibiotic and it stayed in her system for over 2 years. She said that she could not eat any refined sugars because she had a penicillin infection? I can’t seem to find anything besides penicillin yeast infection but anyway after she told me I came home and found post. I’ll let everyone know if cutting the carbs and sugars helps my case. If it helps or not thanks for the advice.

    • Libertarian Prepper

      I hope it does work. Swelling does sound like an inflammation type of thing, and sugars and carbs are probably the main pro-inflammatory thing people ingest nowadays. Also consider cutting out all vegetable oils, which are too heavy in Omega-6 – also a pro-inflammatory. I wish you the best!

  • Stacey

    My three year old daughter has been diagnosed with idiopathic uticaria also. Any advise on how much refined sugar she should have. I have noticed when she has extra sugar on special occasions her skin goes crazy.

  • Angela Bergeron

    That does make sense! I recently took out gluten and dairy from my diet and was doing pretty well at limiting my sugar to fruits and raw honey and mine went away so I thought it was an allergy to dairy and gluten even though my allergist said I didn’t have it. I had some gluten and dairy off and on and it started up and I couldn’t figure out why I keep getting them and I bet it’s the sugar I’ve been eating gah.

    • Rupa

      I second that Angela..I hv been thru so many specialist, immunologist, prick test, skin culture test, patch test and couldnt find any reason except they said its autoimmune prb. I gavd up gluten and dairy still got my hives. I am sensitive to heat, cold, get sinus issues, pressure allergy and what not. But I figured myself that the only thing I take a lot is sugar. When I stopped it, in less than a week my hives are gone :) Thats when I found this forum..thanks all

  • jane

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  • Bari Bila

    plz tell in paleo diet can we eat wheat if not then tell what to eat or what to not eat

  • Yusuf Salih

    For about 5 years I had severe Hives that made me scratch till I bled
    and nasty rashes all over, especially on my upper thorax and legs.
    Unusually this seemed to occur in the summer (Cyprus). By accident I
    realised that cutting out sweet things reduced this. Even 1 teaspoon of
    sugar in my coffee in the morning had serious repercussions some 7 hours
    later. I’ve almost eradicated the itching and will now improve my diet
    by controlling carbohydrate intake. Any thoughts?

  • Jeferson

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  • ptr

    i am 30yo…never had any known allergies b4 during childhood nor adolescense..but for d past 4months,almost DAILY hives n wheals wil break out mostly at backside ,back thigh, trunk n face with intense itch which i scratched till it scarred. I am clueless as to what could have caused al these which i have never had in the past…i am relying on Telfast med. Until i came acros this article, i was wondering could it be the brown rice(so-called low GI unpolished rice hi in fiber n vit Bcomplex wholesome food for diabetics) that i have been starting taking since half a yr ago…any1 had d same experience w brown-rice?????tq

  • Michele L

    Thank you for this article. I had the same issue, four doctors, no answers, but I came to the same conclusion as you did. cutting waaaay back on sugar helped. Like you I am not yet 100% paleo, but I am getting there. I suffered all spring and summer of 2014 before I figured it out. Thanks for posting.

  • tara

    HI, I’m going through this right now. I have never had ANY allergies and about 5 weeks ago started breaking out in hives–so horribly itchy and painful I wake up bloody from scratching. First I was put on steroids and i didnt want to go back on them. Then in addition to the hives, if I ate wheat, potatoes, oats, corn, had beer or alcohol, or sugary drinks like kool aid, my mouth would go numb. When i avoided those i didn’t have flair ups. I went cold turkey with these items. Rice didn’t give me the numbness, but after i ate it one night i had a horrible rash episode after two days with no incident. I went to an allergist, who said I had no allergies, just Idiopathic Urticaria, and there’s no known reason, it’s not food related (but if i wanted to still restrict them, go ahead). She prescribed Allegra and Zyrtec and said i could have this condition for a year and there was nothing that could be done. I even said to her “well, what about the mouth numbness” and her answer was “I don’t know, but you have no allergies to food.” I then said “well, this seems to have to do with sugars to me…considering all the white starches and sugary drinks seem to cause flair ups’ and she denied that happens. This was yesterday. So now i feel like I’m crazy. I don’t know whether i should take the medication for a bit and continue with my diet or don’t take the medication and figure out or neither. I don’t want to be on medicine for any amount of time, thats for sure. It’s very upsetting to me. Thanks for writing this and also thanks for the guidelines for what you are able to consume sugar-wise. I ate a vegan bar yesterday that had no added sugar but used dried dates as the base, and had a mild reaction. i think it was the sugar content in one sitting was again too high…

  • Mom

    My daughter has just started having the CIU symptoms this past fall and was recently diagnosed with CIU. Ugh. She did hear from someone about carbs possibly being an issue and may be cutting some out to see what happens. For her sake I hope that it’s just a threshold that needs to be maintained and not ALL carbs. She is certainly miserable with those flareups. She already is lactose-intolerant and is ovo-pescatarian, mentioning that she hopes she doesn’t have to go back to eating meat, but might if she really needs to. …Thanks for all your posts, folks, and esp. you, Libertarian Pepper.

  • Andrea

    Hi Everyone. My son is 16 and was diagnosed with CIU and angioedema 2 years ago. He started with swollen lips which swell to touch his nose/ chin just like collagen injections gone wrong. At first we were told that this could be the onslaught of anaphylaxis but since then his arms, soles of his feet, knees, thighs, epiglotis, hands have all swollen at different times and are extremely hot to touch. He has also had blurred vision, chest pains and headaches too. We’ve spoken to Drs about all of this but all say these can be symptoms of CIU. He is currently taking daily Loratidine and tops up with Piriton if an outbreak occurs. Like most of you it can occur at different times of the day and in various settings with no notice. He loves playing golf and was getting really good so its been heartbreaking to see him having to drop out of competitions because he can’t walk the course or grip the club because of the pain and swelling. I’ve found all your articles interesting and helpful especially about the sugars so will be giving this a try. He’s been tested for autoimmune deficiency and thyroid as have an underactive thyroid but he is clear of this. Interestingly though I also have had psoriasis from an early age and although he is clear of this wonder if there is some connection. Thanks for all your messages as this has given us something to try.

  • Sam

    Adrenals! Vitamin b5 research it.

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  • jae

    Aaaah sigh… great article, after months of not sleeping and multiple emergency visits causing the medical teams confusion, not using any soap, scared to eat i eventually cut gluten and dairy and slowly everything became normal again no insane hives or intense itchy, and finally some sleep. I took so many meds listening to doctor that now my body rejects them. The guessing games of the doctors took more of a toll in some ways then what info I found on line myself and some gf friends that educated me lol and that actually works! Thanks for ur article

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  • Sandeep Patil

    Hey thanks a million for this article. Me my wife and my son (who was suffering through urticaria ) are thanking u a million times. We never guessed that sugar might b a root cause. We showed our son ( 11) to many doctors in Pune city in India, but no body could help him. Reading though internet our worries were crossing limits. One day I searched on net for 4 hours till 1 am and again started 6am and that day was Red Letter Day for us..I told my wife about this site and we eliminated SUGAR totally for his diet and the same day hives disappeared. was nothing less than a magic. After 4 to 5 days he started eating normal diet. Thanks a lot ..

  • Vanessa

    Great article! I’m doing a Candida Cleanse, no sugar or carbs and guess what NO itching, hives, rashes, eczema. I look and feel like me again! Sugar causes disease!! It’s rat poison!

  • Linda Antherson

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  • Richard

    If you suffer from chronic hives. You should really read this. I’m not promoting, endorsing or selling anything. No medication. Lesson your outbreaks naturally.

    I’ve suffered from chronic hives or urticaria ever since I could remember. Now I life my life 95% free of hives.

    I’m an Asian male 41 years old. I’ve had massive attacks or outbreaks at least 3-4 times a year and smaller manageable ones 7-10 times. Yes, I was like you and took prednasone and every other antihistamine out there. (Only one that truly worked for me was benadryl)

    Unlike like other people the hives appeared on areas of my body I couldn’t cover up such as my face!

    During my teenager years the internet was just in its infancy stages there were no blogs or online information, support group to share ideas and to get advice. All the allergologist did was conduct a allergy test on me and suggest I monitor what I ate. THIS PISSED ME OFF AS NOT ONE allergologist out of 15 had anything else new to suggest and I felt that no one could help me. They just got paid for doing the test and in this field is very subjective and not proven. There was no one correct solution to cure my hives. I had to remember that these doctors are only guided by traditional science and proven scientific methods. Its against their practice to suggest any other alternative medication. The only advise I got was to take benadryl on a nightly basis and stay away from histamine triggering foods.

    I turned to Chinese herbs and that didn’t work either.

    Here’s what did – This is what helped me keep my hives in check.

    1. Stay away from histamine producing or triggering foods. Shrimp, crabs, lobsters, Strawberries, Nuts, Bone marrow and limit your intake of SALT, artificial ingredients and chemicals (flavors) Stay away from any processed food! Hotdogs, luncheon meat, packaged or canned foods.

    2. Since 70% of your immune system has to do with your large intestine, small intestine and colon, stomach areas. You need to constantly keep them clean. (Clean you pipes) The cells which fight off and protect your immune system need to be healthy and strong this means eating right – green leafy vegetables.

    3. Detox now and start changing your diet and don’t let stress get the best of you. Chew your food well.

    4. Exercise and sweat as much as you can! Go to a sauna everyday for 30 mins. limit your sodium intake as this prevents you from sweating. You should aim to lose 2-3 lbs of body water everyday and re-hydrate with 3 bottles of water. Do this on a 5-6 times a week. Don’t drink tap water.

    I read posting from a person who had a similar case of hives like myself. He suggested changing the water in your body as much as possible as not much studies done on this topic and its relationship to histamine. 75% of your body is water and if you don’t sweat it out or urinate it out of your body then it remains stagment. Focus on trying to replace your body’s water as much as possible and keep your colon, intestines clean as often as possible.

    I’ve been following these simple rules for 3 years now and don’t have any major outbreaks. Although I still get small hives occasionally, I’d say I’m 90% relieved of my hives and I’m completely off medication.

    My diet is 60% green vegetables and fruits, 30% meat (beef and chicken only) 10% pizza, hamburgers, NO FAST FOOD, NO PROCESSED MEAT.

    Every morning when I wake up, I eat half a small sized orange, or grapefruit and wait an hour before I drink or eat anything else. This is a great cleanse.

    I take my vitamins and drink a very thick shake with high amounts of kayle, spinach, carrots, spinach, banana, green apple, pineapple, and little ginger. Blended using my vitamix.

    After meals try to drink hot water with slice of lemon. This serves as a detox as well.

    Follow this diet and lifestyle and hopefully it works for you as change starts within.

    Good Luck!

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    Hi, I stumbled onto this same discovery by accident a few years ago when I was about 43 or 44. I had been dealing with daily random-ish hives for a few years, mainly at night when coming out of the shower or getting into bed. I wasn’t really doing anything about it, because, while the hives were very itchy, they’d usually subside within 30 minutes – so the symptoms were merely a nuisance (though possibly pointing to more important issues). What changed was I decided to cut out high-sugar foods like desserts while I rested and healed an injured back. I wanted to cut back while I couldn’t exercise normally. Within a few months, the hives went away. After several more months, my sugar intake gradually crept back up, and so did the hives. I finally cut the high sugar food out again just a few days ago, and this time, the suppression of the hives was immediate. Three days with drastic sugar reduction and three days without hives. I still eat a lot of carbs, but not enough to cause those hives. Maybe I’ll try to reduce the carbs a bit and see what other benefits come of it.

  • DK

    Obviously alcohol has converts to sugar, have you entirely quit drinking?