Is the epidemic of fatherlessness purposefully engineered by the State?

As I was watching this excellent interview, a few thoughts occurred to me.

Alimony, no-fault divorce, the epidemic of fatherless children and the damage to their mental health from families torn apart – while the women responsible for this are oftentimes the direct beneficiaries of great injustice and deserve their fair share of blame, there is a bigger game at play here.

The State, and the string-pullers behind it, do not want mentally healthy, curious, freedom-loving individuals who ask questions. They want obedient and compliant men and women who cannot think for themselves. Men and women who have been broken in. They could, as dystopian novels often portray, simply take the children away from their parents by force – but this would cause far too much outrage. It would be difficult to implement, create social unrest, and be too… obvious.

Instead, they devised a legal framework that induces women to do this for them. The kind of alimony laws that exist today are not part of free market law. It makes no sense for them to be, since they directly violate private property rights. Instead, they are statutory laws created by tyrannical governments. These laws create incentives for mothers to break up families for financial gain – an incentive millions succumb to. Everyone is capable of both good and evil, but there is no surer way of bringing out the evil side than by rewarding it with money.

Now, the State can still use its favorite instrument (force), except do so on behalf of a damsel in distress. Nothing brings out the chivalric white knight more than a woman who needs help. It seems to be hard-coded into the thought patterns of most men. So when the State uses its guns to separate sons and daughters from their fathers, few people even bat an eye.

The State also finances feminism (more aptly named put-women-to-workism), an ideology created to do three things:

1. Put women to work alongside men, to mask the decline in living standards. The fact is – most of western civilization is in the decline stage of State parasitism. This occurs when the number of parasites exceeds the number and productivity of taxpayers, evidenced by imbalanced budgets, rising taxes, debasement of the currency, a decline of freedoms and rights, and numerous desperate wars abroad designed to stave off the empire’s collapse through brute force (even when the initial success of the empire was almost always achieved through economic superiority and not military might). Because both of the parents now frequently work where before only one did, the decline in living standards is not as apparent.

2. Get both parents out of the home, thus placing children into daycare and then public school facilities, which in reality are prisons and indoctrination camps for little ones. As long as the propaganda machine functions well, most people buy the line that this is all “for the good of the children”. Because forcing children to attend 8-hour work days that destroy their creativity and free thinking is such a great idea.

3. Fuel misandry, or the hatred of men, for the purpose of dehumanizing men and making them disposable. If you want to know which gender is disposable, simply look at who is sent to die in wars, and who is protected at home at all costs.

If most people viewed men as equals to women, that is, as human beings, this would never be excused. Reverse the gender roles and imagine the State using armed mercenaries to kidnap mothers and separate them from their children, all at the behest of unproven allegations by men? Enslaving women as serfs to work for men, paying them alimony for the remainder of their lives? Impossible! Just writing the words feels revolting. But somehow, it’s okay when men are on the receiving end of the injustice, because male suffering doesn’t really matter, right?

No, to achieve the kind of wide-ranging injustice against men and fathers as is inflicted today, the State must first dehumanize men. Men are evil. Men are callous. Men are brutes who are only good for one thing – sacrificing themselves for the “greater good” of the collectivist State. This is the image that the entire apparatus of mainstream propaganda tries to create.

And let’s not forget that the State loves criminals. Based on the history of various prohibitions and the direct increase in crime that they cause, it is quite evident that governments like high crime rates. High crime rates create an atmosphere of fear that allows politicians to grab more power for themselves. That’s why terrorism, despite being statistically less dangerous than a lightning strike, is constantly blown out of proportion so much.

Well, there’s no better way to create criminals than by removing fathers from their lives when they are yet children.

I want to end this post with an interesting quote I found. In 1929, Dorothy Dix wrote,

I often wonder that the modern woman does not perceive that she is killing the goose that lays the golden egg by her attitude toward men. By which I mean to say that it is women themselves who are destroying the things that they value most in life. It is women’s hands that are tearing to tatters the chiffons of romance and sentiment and idealism in which men have always clothed them. It is women who are stifling tenderness and slaying chivalry in the hearts of men. It is women who are doing away with all the graces and sweetnesses that made charm in the relationship between men and women and that incidentally lured men into matrimony.

For women are making men afraid of them and what they will do to them and that makes men cold and cautious in dealing with the fair sex. Even Romeo watches his step and counts the calories in his sweet talk when he keeps a date with Juliet nowadays.
Women don’t like this. They complain bitterly that there are no impassioned lovers… Worse still, women are keeping men from marrying by demanding so much alimony that it makes matrimony not only a gamble in happiness but the most risky financial speculation they can engage in.

5 thoughts on “Is the epidemic of fatherlessness purposefully engineered by the State?”

  1. Wow, someones bitter about his lousy few hundred dollars a month going to child support. Most women live large off THAT don’t they?…

    1. I’m not a father and don’t pay child support. Maybe next time you try to write a critical comment, base it on something other than wild guesses.

      Also, that’s “not even an argument”. Maybe you should, you know, address the actual issue instead of attacking whoever you imagine me to be.

      1. Well, YOUR OPINION is even more worthless than I knew. Maybe YOU should, ‘you know’, have some actual EXPERIENCE in this area, before you offer that OPINION.

        Talk about ‘wild guesses’.

  2. I do hate to come across as a suck-up, but there is little you have written that I disagree with, and that also includes the phenomenon of misandry. Feminism even at its most well-intentioned seems to be more about a fevered scramble towards greater victimhood and martyrdom based on a false premise, to both play on public sympathies and perhaps even assuage their own more deeply rooted emotional pain. It’s truly a shame as I have known several otherwise intelligent and compassionate women tow the prevailing party line. I don’t think of them as misandric as much as misguided, but I still cannot respect it. Confronted with such an unfortunate reality however I am at a loss how to adapt to or subvert it. Please continue to share your thoughts, they are appreciated by some.

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