Libertarian Prepper’s definitions

The State – 1. An organized crime syndicate that also uses a network of disinformation and propaganda to create a veil of legitimacy. 2. A territorial monopoly on the use of legitimate force.

Statism – 1. A major world religion, differing in principle from other religions by its worshiping of other humans, or ethereal concepts such as “society”, “the collective”, “national defense”, “patriotism” and so on; rather than supernatural beings. 2. The worship of political power.

Collectivism – 1. A political ideology which asserts that the rights of the many trump the rights of the few, and that might makes right. It serves as justification for subjugating the individual will to the will of the collective, which in turn is expressed by the will of the individual in charge of said collective. Thus it is ever a hypocritical farce.
2. As expressed by its advocates, collectivism is also the attempt to imbue an abstraction, such as “society”, with attributes only pertinent to concretions, such as individuals. A society cannot act, or think. Only individuals can. (See also the Fallacy of Misplaced Concreteness.)
3. A set theory in which the conceptual abstraction of a set of individual persons (the collective) is presumed to have an existence apart or independent of the composition of the individual members. (Contributed by Jacob S.)

Democracy – a majoritarian form of political organization that functions on the basic principle of might makes right. There are more of us, therefore you must follow our commands.

Might makes right – the negation of moral and ethical rules in favor of brute force. A theory only proposed and defended by those who hold great power over others, or those who are deeply confused. Might makes right is an admission that slavery was good because slavery existed. That forced sterilization, human experimentation, concentration camps, and other such gems of human civilization were right because they existed. It is ultimately nihilistic.

Morality – a theory the State applies to its subjects as a tool of control, but conveniently ignores when it comes to applying it to itself.

Double standards – when you can’t do it, but government can.

Organized religion – 1. The subjugation of personal faith in favor of collective power. 2. The exploitation of individual gullibility for purposes of manipulation and building a power structure.

The Church – A political organization which uses man’s innate fear of death to subjugate his mind and wallet.

Government statistics – lies whose purpose is to make you feel better about the sorry state of affairs.

Secularism – Similar to Statism. 1. The replacement of unearthly gods with earthly gods. 2. The supplanting of God with State. 3. The unending competition between religious lunacy and Statist lunacy. 4. The admission that Religion is bad not because it is false, but because it competes with your particular brand of religion – Statism.

Public education – State indoctrination of children. The propaganda of ideology to young minds while they yet lack critical thinking skills. Best accomplished if said young minds can be prevented from ever obtaining critical thinking skills in the first place. The ultimate purpose of public education is to prepare the next generation of subjects to be obedient to the system, or to rebel in pre-determined and sanctioned ways.

War – the attempt by one State to take over the tax base (protection racket) of another State.

Tax base – a human farm in which slaves work and pay tribute under threat of force, so as to avoid aggression from their owners.

Immigration laws – when governments lay claim to your property, with the purpose of dictating who can and cannot reside on your couch.

Immigration pardon – when government decides the new voting power is worth more than the added welfare costs.

Zoning laws – the negation of property rights.

The Police – 1. A group of gun-wielding thugs dressed in a special uniform that puts them above the law, and exempts them from the full consequences of their actions. 2. Mob enforcers.

Taxation – theft obscured by a veil of legitimacy that claims there to be a fundamental difference between taking someone else’s property by force, and taking someone else’s property by force while wearing a special hat.

Employment laws – the arrogance of government legislators to tell you who to hire, and the evil to back up their threats with force.

IRS agent – the mafia’s protection money collector.

Transparency – a double standard by which you are beholden to reveal private information about yourself, but obtaining secretive documents from the government amounts to treason and is punishable by imprisonment and death threats.

Patriotism – when you owe your government unending fealty up to and including your life, but they don’t owe you squat.

Redistribution of wealth – a fancy term for theft, except that the redistributing agent, usually the government, keeps 70-80% for “overhead costs”.

Tragic disaster – to those in power, a unique opportunity to grab more power by exploiting other people’s fears and insecurities.

False flag operation – doing an act of great evil while wearing the mask of another.

Money – 1. A common medium of exchange, 2. An inter-temporal store of value insofar as present goods can be exchanged for future goods.

Terrorism – a criminal act performed to inspire great fear, often with a political purpose.

State terrorism – a criminal act performed to inspire great fear, often with a political purpose.

Revolution – the sometimes bloody overthrow of the Don of an organized crime syndicate to supplant him with another.

Protection money – money you are forced to pay, to ensure protection from the one forcing you to pay the money. When an individual does it, it’s called theft and threat of force, or mugging. When a criminal organization does it, it’s a form of extortion. When government does it, the euphemism taxation is applied.

Euphemism – the perversion of a concept by supplanting the regular word which represents it with one that obscures its true meaning.

Corporate media – multi-billion dollar perception management.

— to be continued… if you want me to define a term, please say so! —

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