The Parent’s Lie

The truth you hold in high esteem,
You hide your lie behind its gleam.
But lies do more than to deceive,
And every lie you spread and weave,

Corrupts your soul – not mine.

You choose to walk a twisted path,
And make that choice anew each day.
Your canopy of falsehoods spreads,
But sprouts of truth will find a way.

You tell yourself you’re in control,
Your mind cannot conceive a fall.
But trip you shall, for trip you must.
Those knots you tied, they’re in your mind.

You like to stand things on their head,
Claim vice is virtue, trickery kind.
And once or twice I’ve heard you said,
That without evil we’d be dead.

The noose you’ve wrapped around your soul,
Its jagged memories take their toll.
And now I’ve come to realize,
The hopelessness of your demise.

Your punishment must be severe,
But even you did not foresee.
That in your efforts to deceive,
Your very self would disappear.

You’ve lost your grip on what is real,
And now you reap what you have sown.
Though you set out the truth to steal,
It is the lie that you now own.

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