Racism as a false narrative to divide and conquer

There are roughly 20,000 people murdered every year in the United States. Of those murders, how many can you recall, in any given year, does the media jump on and widely publicize as racist? 3? 5?

Let’s be generous and say there are 5 shocking incidents the media plasters all over the place to tell us how there is “institutional” white on black racism. That’s only 0.025% of the total murders committed in that same year. Does anybody want to bet that if you looked through all those cases, you could find at least 5 cases of:

  • black on white murders
  • hispanic on black murders
  • black on hispanic murders
  • black on asian murders

And I’m sure you can think of more combinations. So let’s say you controlled the media across the United States. You could easily build a narrative that said “hispanic migrants target blacks” and create racial tensions between those two groups. All you’d have to do is pick a few choice cases, preferably with some video footage to rile up people’s emotions (and thereby bypass their ability to reason), plaster them all over the news for a month or two at a time, and repeat this for a few years.

Since most people will blindly believe either all or at least some of what they see and hear on the corporate media networks, it won’t take long before protests start to erupt over injustices, organizations are formed, social media is inundated with memes and arguments, and so on and so forth.

Thus, you would have created a narrative. A narrative isn’t reality. It isn’t truth. It’s a story. It’s a particular perspective, often fabricated to achieve some political goal, that aims to convince people that something false is in fact true, by repeating it a sufficient number of times, from various sources, until not believing it makes you some kind of fringe foil-hat-wearing loonie.

“Of course there’s hispanic on black racism! Just look at that case where Raul murdered Tyrone in cold blood!”

Did Raul murder Tyrone in our hypothetical scenario? Sure he did. Is it terrible? Yep. Does it mean there’s a widespread problem of hispanic attacks on blacks? We don’t know. There might be, there might not be. Did Raul kill Tyrone because he was black, or just because Raul is a criminal? Would Raul have killed Bob just as easily? Maybe, but then you wouldn’t have heard about it because it wouldn’t have fit the narrative.

There are currently gangs of white and black communists (who call themselves Antifa and BLM) burning down cities in America using the excuse of a recent murder of George Floyd. Was the murder wrong? Yes. Should the cop go to prison like anybody else? Yes. Was this murder driven by racist hatred? I don’t know. Do you? Are you so race-focused that when you see a white man hurting a black man, you automatically assume it’s racist? What happened to being “color-blind”? Why don’t you just see one man murdering another? Until some evidence pops up that indicates the murderer had racist intentions, assuming those intentions just based on the skin color of those involved is, ironically, racist.

Today’s narrative is that white people are racist against black people and that this racism is widespread. This is a false narrative. It is a lie. There are individuals who are white and who are racist. However, most white people are not racist. There are also black people who are racist. In fact, saying things like “you have privilege because you’re white” or “you need to apologize because you’re white” is racism. If someone said “you are <insert negative trait> because you’re black” it would be called racism by the corporate media, but as long as the target of the racism is white, it’s not called out for what it is.

The result is that there are large swaths of actual, real, problematic and institutional racism throughout this country that nobody talks about. For instance, the college admissions process at many schools is massively racist. Blacks and Native Americans are given preferential treatment and Asians are discriminated against, all in order to fill quotas. Skin color means more to many colleges like Harvard than grades. This is racism. It is widespread. It is endorsed by the corporate media, by the establishment, by the government, and by academics. In other words, it is institutional. But, because it targets Asians, a group that nobody seems to care about, and because it gives preferential treatment to black people, it’s not labelled as racism.

At the same time, scores of white people who are in fact not racist, are made to feel guilty and brainwashed into thinking they need to apologize for the sins of others, even those who are long gone. This is absurd. It’s the doctrine of original sin packaged into a liberal wrapper designed to stifle thought and speech.

Our society has been indoctrinated into a false narrative that misdirects our anger and frustration and distracts us from the real issues, which, really, is part of the purpose behind these false narratives. In my experience, the only people who think white people have a monopoly on racism are small-minded, left-leaning liberals who have never traveled outside the country. Go to south-east Asia and let me know how that goes. You’ll see real racism there that will make America and Europe look like liberal paradises. Which, frankly, in a historical context, they are. You haven’t seen true oppression until you’ve gone to a middle-eastern country like Saudi Arabia and looked at how women are treated. You haven’t seen real racism until you look at how the Chinese Communist Party has put 2 million Uyghurs into concentration camps just because of their ethnicity and religion.

The looters and rioters burning down cities in America remind me a lot of the infantilism of feminists who rage about the supposed injustices faced by women in wealthy, first world nations (where they use their freedom of speech protections to complain), while ignoring the plight of women in the middle east, where merely speaking out will land you in prison. Go protest where it’s actually hard. Oh wait, you don’t want hardship, or change, or to help these people. You’re just angry and want to destroy stuff.

The ultimate goal of the racism narrative that is being pushed by the media is to divide and conquer. The racism narrative divides us into tribes based on race. The sexism narrative divides us into tribes based on gender. The LGBT narrative divides us into tribes based on our sexual orientation. The media is working over-time to try to get us all to fight each other.

Growing up in school, I had friends from all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, and I never thought anything of it. To me, they were just people. It wasn’t until I started watching the media, and being indoctrinated in later school grades, that I started to realize that I was “different” from certain people. That idea didn’t come to me from experience, it was pushed onto me.

Do you know how often I talk to people about their sexual orientations? Almost never. Maybe once a year. Yet, I hear about it on the news almost every day.

How often does a person’s gender influence my decision about whether I’d like to hire them? Never. Yet I hear about workplace discrimination almost every day.

Issues that might die and go away because, quite frankly, most people just don’t care about them and would like to move on with their life, are amplified, focused on, and twisted by the corporate media, the establishment, the government, and educational institutions into focal points to divide us.

And once we are divided, we are easy to conquer.

Don’t mind the fact that central banks are stealing from your bank account every moment of every day. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Instead, fear your neighbors, hate them even. And the biggest criminals in the world will continue to get away with their crimes, because you’re all too easily distracted by the drama of false narratives to notice what’s really happening. You’re being played against one another. Left vs. right. Black vs. white. Male vs. female. Young vs. old. Mask wearers vs. non-mask-wearers.

All because the powers that be know that if they stop the charade for even a moment, the people will start to catch onto what’s really going on and who’s behind all of this. And that terrifies them.

2 thoughts on “Racism as a false narrative to divide and conquer”

  1. If George Floyd deserves to be arrested. Then the Federal Reserve should also to. They print counterfeit money trillions of dollars and no one bats an eye. You also can’t legally use other currencies remember the Liberty Dollar and how they shut that down?

    1. Libertarian Prepper

      Yeah, it’s all a big distraction from the biggest looting going on in human history – that of central bankers. The looters in the streets are amateurs in comparison.

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