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Stop treating the far-left as though they were well intentioned

I think it’s really important to recognize that a lot of what you see the so-called “far left” doing is a front for their real intentions. They may seem like they want to fight Nazis or racism, so they call themselves “anti-fascists” and have slogans saying “no racism”, but this is a cover. After all, their tactics are exactly the same as the brown shirts in the 1930’s. These are hardcore marxists whose sole purpose is to deconstruct Western civilization and supplant it with communism. Like most communist takeovers, their plan to accomplish this involves the age-old “divide and conquer”. Split people up into warring groups that begin to hate each other and get them to fight over real (and magnified) or perceived slights, while they come in with their “solution”.

One of the biggest mistakes reasonable people can make when confronting this is assuming that these people are well-intentioned. It’s true that some may be “useful idiots”, as the Soviets used to call them. Just there because they’ve been fooled. But a significant number of these people harbor immense ill intent and hatred towards anything resembling peace, stability, and order in society. These people have no alternative to the system they want to dismantle, after all, their own lives are a chaotic mess of anger and instability. They’re agents of destruction filled to the brim with hate. Until more people start to realize this, attempts to reason with them will remain futile. You can’t reason with a communist.

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  1. I believe you because I have read about these awful people on the Left’s love with Terror. They actually love the killings and sadism and they just want to start chaos. They such as Collin Kapernick just want to see society destroyed.

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