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The world divides politically into those who want people to be controlled, and those who have no such desire.


Want to stop mass shootings? Arm more people with firearms.

Let's say you live in a totalitarian state that has banned firearms from citizen use, such as England, and terrorists show up and start murdering people. What do you do? Run, hide, and then call the cops. Why? Because the cops have guns, and the only way to stop a bad guy on a murdering rampage is to shoot him dead. Sure, Read more [...]


How to Make an Informed and Resposible Decision about Gun Control

Alright. Let's say you're sitting on the fence. Or perhaps you've made up your mind but you're fairly open-minded about these things and you're willing to change your opinion if confronted by a good argument supported by data. What should your first port of call be to make an informed decision? First, let's look at some Read more [...]


Why Gun Control = Drug Control

(Disclaimer: I am stereotyping conservatives to be anti gun control and pro drug control, and liberals to be the opposite. This is obviously not always the case.) The prohibition of guns is remarkably similar to the prohibition of drugs, and for that reason most libertarians are baffled by how liberals and conservatives Read more [...]


Guns in Schools and the Freedom of Choice

In some recent news, a Texas school district will allow teachers to carry guns on school premises. When this piece of news was posted on Google+, the replies were largely from people who were outraged. The first reply was, "Let the stupidest lead the way, that's pretty normal for the USA". And it only got worse from Read more [...]


Why Advocacy of Gun Control is Elitist, Tyrannical, and Anti-Equality

Proponents of gun control never want to destroy all guns in existence – that would be impossible, requiring the destruction of all evidence of centuries of technological progress. Instead, they advocate the concentration and monopolization of firearms in the hands of the few, rather than the many. A firearm Read more [...]