The onslaught against identity

The hardest people to subjugate are tight-knit clans and tribes. People who know each other well, have a lot in common, and, ideally, share a geographical area. The celts successfully held back the might of the Roman Empire, not because they were better organized, or had better technology. They held them back because they had something to fight for, and that made them ferocious. Hadrian built a wall in England to stop their counter-attacks. The Empire had essentially admitted defeat and realized it could never conquer past the wall.

Many people are willing to fight and die for someone they share tradition, culture, language, and religion with, and with whom they grew up as children, playing, and play-fighting.

As societies grew larger and tribes and clans disintegrated, whether naturally or through destruction by an enemy, people became easier to subjugate. Though it it still possible for people to fight for one another based on shared commonalities in a larger nation-state, people are less willing to do so, and are far less ferocious in doing so, since after all they are largely fighting for strangers they do not know, even if they share something important. In America, immigrants often formed communities based on their country of origin (e.g. the Irish, Italians, or Jews in New York City; Hispanics in the South, etc.). This was something between a clan or tribe of old, and modern-day nation states.

Today, as nations fracture and the governments and media foment division and hatred, the mantra of “diversity and inclusion” eliminate any semblance of community. Meanwhile, entertainment in the form of TV, video games, and social media keep children and adults inside, glued to screens. Most suburbs are now sterile, quiet, and boring places. As you walk outside on a weekend, you seldom find anyone interacting with their neighbors. You might find some guy cleaning his car or working on a bike, but he’ll most likely be alone, or in his family group. Maybe you’ll see a woman walking a dog. That’s about it.

If tomorrow the government came in and carted off half of your neighbors to a concentration camp, would you fight to save them? Would you sacrifice your life and maybe that of your family for people you don’t know and have nothing in common with?

At some point in the last few decades, the simple, descriptive phrase “That black guy over there”, or “That Indian lady” became “racist”. Now people have to contort themselves and point out the one person among many using inferior descriptors such as their height, or their clothing choices. So far, it’s still okay to say, “That guy over there”, but how long until that’s gone, too? How long until merely pointing out someone’s apparent gender will be labeled “transphobic” by the communists? Watch for that moment, because once they take your gender away from you completely, that’s the last thing left. The last piece of your identity you’re “allowed” to have guilt-free.

Already they’ve taken away, either through shame or censorship, your race, your ethnicity, your culture, and your religion.

Do you believe in god? “Surely you’re an idiot.” Do you take pride in your culture, tradition, or ethnicity? “You must be an evil racist supremacist.” Even the basic humanness of being an omnivore and eating meat is seen as a questionable, shameful behavior by many. Do you drive a car? “You must hate the earth!”

Meanwhile, the most hateful, authoritarian, censorious, anti-human, anti-natalist, transhumanist ideology in recent history pervades the government, corporations, and the media. There is no free press. There are no checks and balances. And when they come for you, there is no tribe to stand up for you, either. So don’t let them take away your identity, and find your tribe. Find people you care about and have a lot in common with. Because if we stay on this one-way train to tyranny, the final stop is a gas chamber. Hop off the train while it’s not too late and go build a community.

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