Wakanda Forever’s racism

I recently watched Wakanda Forever, because I generally enjoy watching Marvel’s superhero movies, although they’ve been plagued by a decline in quality over the last few years as they increasingly pander to the woke communist crowd.

I was shocked to see the blatant, overt racism espoused by some of the characters on Wakanda Forever. For instance, every interaction with the white American CIA agent (Everett Ross) who’s helping the Wakandans is preceded by calling him a “colonizer”. Is he a colonizer? A man born in the 20th century? Obviously not, America hasn’t had colonizers in centuries.

Imagine if instead the white characters called the black characters “cannibals”? That would be seen as horrifically racist. Just because cannibalism happened in Africa centuries ago, doesn’t mean any black people in Africa today are cannibals. Yet when you reverse the roles, it’s perfectly acceptable to corporate America to call white Americans “colonizers”, even though they had nothing to do with colonization.

For all the left’s anti-religious fervor, they seem to believe in the doctrine of “original sin” more than any Christian I’ve ever met. If, at any point in the past, one of your ancestors may has been a colonizer, then that means centuries later you’re also a colonizer. Even though only 2% of white people were slave-owners at the height of slavery in America, all white people today are apparently guilty of this sin, two hundred years later.

Meanwhile, in this fictional universe, Wakandans have been hiding life-changing technology that could raise living standards and saved lives medically for millennia from everyone else in Africa, and that’s seen as perfectly acceptable. They watched as slaves were taken from Africa and did nothing to stop it. With the technology they had they could have stopped slavery centuries ago, no problem. Or what of the slave-labor happening in the Congo today with the cobalt mining industry? I guess they’re too busy coming up with fancy gadgets in their air-conditioned labs to care about the suffering of other blacks, while less than 10% of the Congo even has electricity.

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