What is the media distracting us from?

The media has had a sordid history of distraction, misdirection, disinformation, and all sorts of malicious propaganda. That’s why I’ve never owned a TV and haven’t “consumed” any mainstream media in years, except occasionally to poke fun at the lies.

Illegal radiation experiments

Have you ever wondered why O.J. Simpson is famous? I mean, there are literally thousands of murders committed every year. Why was his trial so televised? Why, 25 years later, is there a mile-long Wikipedia page about it? Why does anyone care about this specific murder? Was it because he was famous?

Or was it because the same day that his verdict was handed down, a U.S. government advisory committee published findings documenting thousands of illegal radiation experiments committed against Americans spanning 50 years and affecting thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of Americans? Experiments as sick and twisted as injecting pregnant women with radioactive iron to see the effects (causing the death of the babies). That’s just one such sick experiment. Read the article linked for yourself. One of the most shocking things was that throughout this experiment, there were no whistle blowers. None of the staff at the hospital who were aware of or conducted these experiments had any moral qualms, and none of them spoke out about it. The greatest evils perpetrated upon the people are not by common criminals, but by the criminals in government. They have the resources (they took them from you), the legal protections, and the sadism to do what no criminal could ever even conceive of. And, they almost always get away with it.

Now tell me: Which of these two items was more important? Some guy murdered two people, or that the U.S. government had been covertly, illegally, committing atrocious and sadistic crimes against its own people on a massive, institutionalized, systematic scale for half a century?

The O.J. Simpson case got all the attention, and virtually nobody today knows about these illegal experiments. There were no consequences. None of the doctors who performed them lost their licenses or went to prison. None of the military men who organized and kept these experiments secret were convicted and sent to prison. None of the politicians who organized these experiments were prosecuted. Nothing. An enormous crime was committed and everyone involved got off scot-free.

Trillions in unaccounted spending at the Pentagon

A few years later, on September 10th 2001, an investigation revealed that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion dollars in spending. No doubt some of that money was siphoned off via corruption, and some of it went towards funding illegal, off the books programs. The day after Rumsfeld made the announcement, the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center, were bombed, and that media coverage completely distracted Americans from the daylight robbery going on right in front of them.

Now I’m not saying that 9/11 was perpetrated to cover this up, necessarily. Perhaps, instead, the announcement of the investigation was timed to occur right before one of the biggest false flag events in U.S. history, knowing that the public would very quickly forget that their government was stealing from them on an unprecedented scale.

So what’s the “culture war” hiding?

The inane babble spouted by the left, the ridiculous and unprecedented levels of overt socialism and communism pushed by the democrats, the escalating levels of lies and fake news from the media, the sudden push of transgender propaganda, half-baked censorship on social media where some channels are banned or demonetized yet others are still allowed to persist and fuel the culture war (you can’t have a war if there’s only one side).

All of this suddenly came out of the woodwork around 3 years ago, I would say, starting in 2016, when Trump was elected.

Why is that? What is the establishment narrative hiding by pushing this culture war? What are they distracting us from?

One clue is to look for what has disappeared from the narrative, even on the right side. Conservatives, and even many libertarians, are so busy pushing back against the escalating insanity of the left, they’ve entirely stopped talking about several things:

  • The imperialistic wars of aggression abroad,
  • The Federal Reserve and the nearing end of the U.S. financial system,
  • The rising levels of government debt,

These used to be major topics of discussion among conservatives and libertarians. Perhaps less the wars among conservatives, but certainly all of the deficit spending was a major issue. Now, Trump does nothing to stop overspending (in fact, he contributed to it with his Omnibus spending bill), and conservatives are silent.

Libertarians like Stefan Molyneux have almost completely changed their tune. They don’t talk much about the oncoming economic collapse which would leave the country and its people in ruins, instead it’s all about whether or not white people will have a voting majority in 2050. Don’t we have to survive until 2050 for that to even matter? Does anyone think the economy is going to still be here in 2050? In 2000, the Federal debt to GDP ratio was 56%. It has now doubled to 105% in just 20 years. None of this culture war crap is going to matter if a massive economic collapse means you can’t feed your family in 5 years.

This country has been robbed blind and dumb by the bankers, politicians, and corporations who created and support the financial system with the Federal Reserve at its core. In 2008, when Ron Paul ran for president, “End the Fed” was a slogan written all over the place. Where are these libertarians now?

I think the mainstream media led a campaign to distract the American public from the real, fundamental issues signalling the decline and fall of the American empire, and the so-called alternative media, which is meant to provide us with the real news, went into a reactionary mode, arguing with and deconstructing the mainstream news. And in so doing, they played right into the same narrative.

You don’t deal with crazy people by arguing with them, you deal with them by ignoring them. If a crazy homeless guy on the street walks up to you and babbles inane nonsense, you don’t engage him in a debate, you walk away! The so-called alternative media should have been ignoring the mainstream media’s deepening descent into madness and focused on the core issues and the people behind the curtain. Instead, they tried to argue with crazy. Never argue with crazy. If the mainstream media is so easily able to control what the alternative media is reporting on, then we have no alternative media. They’re just two sides of the same coin.

Now, we hear more and more news about a “civil war” that’s brewing, and democrats are openly talking about taking away your firearms.

Meanwhile, the bankers in charge of the privately-owned Federal Reserve, who have successfully siphoned off trillions of dollars for over a century by creating currency out of thin air, are completely out of the cross-hairs. The spotlight has moved to race-baiting, identity politics, 78 genders, and a coming civil war; and the people behind this whole mess, who engineered the destruction of this country, are laughing all the way to the bank… the bank they own, while the peasants fight amongst themselves and forget who their real enemy is.

Your enemies aren’t the other livestock in the enclosure; they’re the farmers. Your enemies aren’t your neighbors, even though many of them have been brainwashed by decades of government schooling and media propaganda; they’re the politicians, corporations, and bankers who steal your resources, and therefore your life, while lying to you and telling you you’re free, and playing you against each other.

And if you don’t wake up soon, they’ll get away with it, just like they got away with 5 decades of illegal radiation experiments where they injected pregnant women in hospitals, telling them they were getting “vitamins” when actually it was a radioactive isotope that gave their babies cancer. I can’t think of a better metaphor for “government” than something that appears helpful or benign but is in reality malicious and destructive.

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