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What’s up with all the anti-semitism?

Following what looks like a false flag chemical attack in Syria, I just watched a brilliant video by Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson in which he argues that a war in Syria would be a terrible mistake. Of course, I agree with that assessment, and moreover I’m surprised to see Fox News broadcasting an anti-war message. Whatever happened to the anti-war left? CNN and MSNBC are out there advocating for war, and Fox News is the voice of peace and sanity? Weird times…

But then I scroll down to the comments section, and of course, there it is. The mandatory anti-semitic comments. Here’s a small sampling.

“Jews want this war.” Really? It seems like a lot of the people advocating for this war are white people. In fact, I think most of them are white people. And if you look hard, I’m sure you can find at least one politician in DC who is black and hispanic that wants this war, too. But nobody goes on YouTube comments and says “White people want this war!” Even if the majority of the people advocating for it are white.

Are Jews to blame?

Not a single Jew has ever been president of the United States. That means every single stupid, self-destructive war of aggression the United States government has ever walked into has been under a white or black president. But, you know, let’s ignore that fact and just keep blaming the Jews.

Do Jewish people have some responsibility for these wars? Sure. There’s a lot of pro-Israel Zionists out there trying to fan the flames of conflict. And Jews really do disproportionately influence politics, the media, banks, and so on. Karl Marx was a Jew. But you know what? Jews are also disproportionately represented on the list of Nobel prize recipients for scientific discoveries. Last I checked, something like a third of them were Jews. And then there are all the wonderful anti-government Jews, like Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Friedrich Hayek. Economists who have tirelessly argued against the growth of tyranny and government power.

Among Jews, there are good and bad people, just like among any other race. Jews tend to be more successful than other groups, on average, because they have a higher IQ. The average IQ of a white person is 100. The average IQ of an Ashkenazi Jew is 115. So yeah, you’re going to see more Jews in positions of power and influence, and some of those will be bad people, and some of them will be good people.

So why is it that every right-wing video or blog article invariably has anti-semitic comments? Sometimes it’s 1 in 10, sometimes 1 in 3. Sooner or later the problem the person in the video talks about is blamed on “the Jews”.

Walking into the leftist trap

Recently, many on the left have started calling anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi. It’s a new trend. If you call someone a Nazi, you can punch them in the face and it’s okay. That’s what stupid college kids say. What characterizes a Nazi? Well, one of the big things is anti-semitism. For some reason, they hate Jews. I’d guess it’s the same reason Communists hate entrepreneurs: ideological slaves (that is, people who have no thoughts of their own and just do whatever they’re told) tend to be failures at life who harbor a lot of hatred towards anybody successful. So the left want to bring down capitalists, and the Nazis want to bring down Jews. Not because capitalists or Jews are bad, but because they’re jealous of their success.

Calling someone a Nazi is the same as calling them a Racist, it’s often a childish ad-hominem used to shut down debate. Most of the time, the person being accused has gone on record expressing their hatred of Nazis, but it doesn’t matter. The corporate media will assassinate someone’s character and spread lies regardless of how easy it is to fact-check their claims.

None of these YouTube channels I’ve watched have expressed anti-semitic views. I’ve never heard any of these people say a bad thing about Jews. Yet there’s anti-semitic comments on all of their videos. And I can’t help but wonder if they’re genuine or not.

If the left is using “You’re a Nazi racist!” as a way to shut down the debate and silence people, why would the people they oppose express racist views? If you’re fighting a false rape allegation, you wouldn’t go out and commit rape on video camera as a way to prove yourself innocent, right? That would be… well, insane, stupid, evil, and counter-productive.

So there’s two possibilities here. Either there really are a ton of anti-semites expressing their honest views in the comments section, which could be a reflection of what Americans actually think based on some studies that show that about 10% of white people, and 30% of black and hispanic people are strongly anti-semitic. Or, they could be false flag trolls paid by the same left that’s trying to fuel the fire and make it seem like their opposition really are a bunch of racist Nazis. Or maybe it’s a bit of both?

What do you think?

Either way, I am disappointed whenever I see these comments and it makes it hard to recommend these videos to people because I don’t want them associating me with the medieval bigotry of small-minded people in the comments sections.

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