Woman shouting into megaphone at a protest

Why are SJWs in the West?

This is a serious question: why are you here? Virtually every civil rights campaign has been won. Blacks, muslims, gays, and women all have equal rights. They can all exist, get jobs, own property, and vote in Western countries.

Meanwhile, homosexuality is illegal in 11 countries and countries like Iran execute homosexuals.

Segregation for women is alive and well in Saudi Arabia.

Sign at a gym in Saudi Arabia

And if you want to talk about racism, GenocideWatch is currently tracking the progress of ethnic cleansing in multiple countries around the world.

So if you really want to help fight against racism, homophobia, sexism, and other issues, are you going to protest about hate speech in a country that recognizes equal rights for all, or are you going to raise awareness and maybe even (gasp!) protest in a country that executes gays for being gay?

Well, the former is easy and lets you virtue signal with almost no risk, and the latter would require some actual courage. And modern moral crusaders have almost none of that left. I mean, look at your average antifa protest. These people are protesting and screaming in countries that basically respect their rights and they still can’t drum up the courage to show their face.

All of these SJWs are hypocrites and cowards. The true civil rights fight is in Africa and the Middle East, or in places like China, where Falun Gong practitioners have their organs harvested. There’s a reason most people just roll their eyes at SJWs these days. It’s not just because they throw temper tantrums, make noise, and can’t reason to save their life. It’s also because they’re fake. They’re bored, entitled and privileged kids in the 1% (if you look at the whole world) who have no responsibilities and no courage to speak out about the difficult issues that really matter, instead picking on easy targets.

Why criticize the Chinese Communist Party, who has a track record of murdering 100 million people, censors the internet, and throws people in jail for saying anything even remotely critical of them, when you can protest in the most safe and tolerant countries without any risk?


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