Why women should be treated equally when it comes to the draft

I think the government shouldn’t discriminate against women when drafting people for war.

Let me clarify, I don’t think the draft is a good idea – in fact, it’s one of the most immoral forms of slavery in existence, and should be abolished immediately.

But while it exists, it should be equally applied to everyone, without discrimination.

And to me the main benefit (outside of equality under the law) is that the sooner women (who are a majority of voters) start getting conscripted to fight in stupid wars, the quicker those wars are going to be ended. Both women AND men are going to overwhelmingly vote to end wars or not even start them once women are equally sent to fight and die on the front lines. Probably why the government won’t ever allow it.

Can you imagine fathers sending their daughters to war? Husbands sending their wives to war? There would be a revolution before morning, were another senseless war to be attempted. Protecting women and children is hard-coded into our wiring, and if a politician were to try and put them in danger by starting a war, well… I can just imagine the backlash.

Update: Due to a debate, I have since posting this article changed my mind. Since in practical terms conscripting women in addition to men would mean an expansion of the power of the State, I retract my argument for it. However, in some sense the point still stands if it were argued by a Statist feminist, for example. I see feminists constantly complaining about the lack of equality in various fields, but only when rectifying the inequality can be seen as an improvement for women. When the opposite is true, and an inequality favors women, as in the case of garbage collection, working in a mine, or being conscripted for war, very little noise is made about changing that.

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  1. “I don’t think the draft is a good idea”. That says it. And any excuse people can use to avoid it should be exploited until it’s abolished. IMO

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