YouTube embarrasses itself… again

The one thing that transcends political boundaries and cultures, that is (almost) universally recognized as egregious, starting from a very young age when even toddlers will look up at their parents in anger and say “But you said!”… is hypocrisy.

And these days, in the political realm, the left seems to be infatuated with hypocrisy.

  • The same politicians and celebrities who want to ban guns have armed security and live in gated communities far away from inner city violence.
  • The “pro-choice” crowd love taking taxpayers money, at gunpoint, and using it to fund abortion clinics. Where’s my choice as a taxpayer not to fund abortions?
  • The politically correct, so-called “anti-racist” left who pride themselves on equality will give preferential treatment to students and employees based solely on their skin color. Affirmative action is absolutely, unequivocally, racism, and yet the people who support it think they’re on a moral high ground!

And now, to make things even more hilarious, YouTube, which has spent the last several years being a biased, tyrannical censorship machine, has been bombarding me with a trailer for a new “YouTube original” called “Wayne”. What is “Wayne”? From the trailer, it’s a teenage kid who beats on people with nunchucks.

One could say that YouTube was “promoting violence in schools”.

People aren’t very happy with YouTube being a hypocritical control freak. Here’s a sampling of the top few comments. Hilarious! I wanted to take a quick screen grab before YouTube invariably censors them.

If the stakes weren’t so high, I could sit back and laugh at the hypocrisy, idiocy, and general malevolence of organizations like YouTube and all the hypocritical politicians out there, but unfortunately where censorship prevails, totalitarian atrocities aren’t far behind.

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