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Guns in Schools and the Freedom of Choice

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Private Health Insurance is Cheaper than the NHS

Without Government, Who Will Build the Roads?

The Fallacy of Collectivism

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Toward a More Just Society

How I Healed my Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria

Why the Free Market is the Ultimate (and only) Morally Just System

Drug Approval Without the FDA

Why Advocacy of Gun Control is Elitist, Tyrannical, and Anti-Equality

The Cheeky Monkey Parable of the Boom-Bust Cycle

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Slavery Never Went Away

Does Currency Devaluation Really Improve the Export Sector?

Faith in Science

The Winged Terrors

How to Check if Someone's Been in your Room

The Truth Behind the Truth

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Political Questionnaires miss the Biggest Question

The Letter Test (of consent in an interaction)

Simple Reason why Not Even Street Lights are Public Goods

Misandry - Is there a War on Men?

Why is Theft Wrong under the Non-Aggression Principle?

Complex Systems Work Only Through Long Chains of Incentives

Google Censorship

Moral Transmutations

Theological Noncognitivism applied to Collectivist Concepts

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Gun Control - Before and After

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Servant of Death: Chapter 2 - Awakening

The Financial Bubble that brings Economic Armageddon?

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iPhone Production and the Sweatshop Solution

Omega-3 to omega-6 ratio - the open secret

A Society of Plunder

Servant of Death: Chapter 1 - Afterlife

The Institutionalization of Violence and Fraud

Gun Control - Does it Work, and What's the Real Agenda Here?

The Free Market as a Conduit for Exosomatic Problem Solving

Genetically Modified Food Propaganda in Children's books!

Be mindful of your surroundings, even during sex.

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The Heroism of Tax Evasion

How to take a Strategic Vacation

What would a libertarian school look like?

Zurker - Analysis of The New Social Network You Can Own

Predictive Programming in The Hunger Games

Biometric Passports are Evil - how we're being tagged like criminals

Smoking - an act of aggression?

Government Surveillance: How you're treated as a criminal, and what you can do to protect yourself

Anonymous Browsing: How governments track you in the online world

Self-Defense in the Information Age

Video Game Addiction - How you can regain control of your life

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Air pollution and its unexpected solution

Don't steal, the government hates competition

Why are there more Atheists than Anarchists?

How the Government Lies with Statistics

Is objective morality possible?

Free Markets and their Inherent Altruism

Immense corporate power - an outcome of libertarianism?

Prepping the smart way: Full-spectrum Disaster Preparedness

Did you know how radioactive tobacco is?

What is The Root of All Evil?

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Freedom and Democracy - The truth behind the ideology

Taxation is a Protection Racket